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Is this late for C-Section date?

Hi there, I'm 36+4 and at the moment baby is breech image I've been trying everything but she just won't budge. She has been head up the whole time. Anyway, my OB has booked me in for a c-section but its literally 3 days before my due date. With my son I was in early labour a week before at 39 weeks, 2cms dilated and finally went into labour 2 days before due date. I progressed very quickly after my first painful contraction and within the hour I was 6cms dilated. Anyway with this in mind and taking into account second babies usually come quicker I think my c-section date is too late. The thought of giving birth to a breech baby vaginally absolutely terrifies me as I had major complications last time. Does this seem late for an elective c section and do you think I should ask the, to move it forward? Xx
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