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Don't know what to choose!!!!

After a failed induction I had an emergency section with my son, I was set on trying for a vbac with my second,due in three weeks. 

But as the time gets nearer I am not as confident in this decision, as I have been unable to get a place on the vbac antenatal classes offered by my hospital. As such I feel clueless about the whole process more so than before the first. at least then we had antenatal classes and more midwife contact. 

It feels like they try and promote vbac but don't seem aware that u might need some help or advice. 

do you think I should go for an elective? At the moment I feel like this would allow me to stop worrying about it all, but then is this a bit of a cope out.


really confused, any thoughts or advice much appreciated. 


  • I've never been through it myself but my best mate had a emergency c section with her first I know she felt completly out of control so with her second she had a elective it helped her feel in control and ment she could make sure every one could help with her older one whilst she healed
  • Hi

    I think the question is 'if you had more support ie these classes; would you go for it?'

    Don't give up if lack of support is the issue. Call up the midwife and anyone who will listen to go through your concerns. Vbac if goes well is lower risk for baby and if this is deep down what you want then you should have it and e given what you need to try.

    Equally there is no shame in an elective and if the support is still not forthcoming and you need that control then this might be your decision.

    I feel that if you don't feel you have tried to get the support you might regret it.

    If you ask and push and still don't feel comfortable with the level of support and go for elective, you will feel better that it was the right choice for the situation.

    Ultimately im saying you don't want to feel forced into a section.

    Good luck x
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