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Hospital v Birthing center

Hey, I am 6 weeks along and I have read so many hospital horror stories. I want to give birth naturally but in a safe environment where if something went wrong we would both be safe. What have you all experienced (good and bad) I would love to hear some honest open opinions


  • My Eldest was born in the delivery suite of the hospital, I was placed on an induction drip to strengthen contractions after I stopped dilating at 8cm, I was pushing for the full 2hrs & they were debating intervention when I finally pushed her out. I suffered a 3rd degree tear & lost quite a bit of blood but was oblivious to this. I was moved onto the ward & discharged 12hrs later.


    My Youngest was born in the MW led unit, I had no pain relief as I felt more in control this time around with them aware of the history of my Eldest. I did suffer a 2nd degree tear but it was quickly stitched & I was back home 2hrs later.

  • Which would you choose with following pregnancies?
  • I would definitely go for the MW led unit as it is a more relaxed atmosphere than the hospital, ours also had extra things the hospital didn't (baths, birthing balls, nursing chairs...). 


  • I opted for birthing centre and water birth. It was fantastic. I was the only person there so had two staff just to me..... It was very relaxed and I got everything I wanted...... Lovely experience. However once fully dilated they discovered she was back to back and stuck..... Need forcep delivery.... So was packed off in an ambulance to hospital rushed straight into theatre for forcep delivery..... I had a big bleed and needed transfusion..... All in all birthing centre is great if all goes to plan..... But remain open minded to the fact that things may need to change at the drop of a hat!!! My hospital experience was good though!
  • I had both of mine in the delivery suite of hospital my 2nd I did want in the birthing centre but my back waters went and there was blood in them so they wanted me to stay in delivery suite. I had 2 very different experience it was very quiet with my 2nd as must ladies were in the birthing centre where as it hadn't been open with my 1st so I had alot more one on one care. Am not sure what to do this time the birthing centre is in the hospital so if anything goes wrong you don't have to go far but I had such a nice experience last time don't know weather to stick to hospital x
  • I'm leaning towards birthing center, just seems more relaxed, and I don't want anyone ignoring the birth plan
  • Kamo...... I was held bent on sticking to my birth plan.... And I think not being open minded about change and flexibility to the plan was my biggest downfall..... Changes to birth plan will mostly be out of everyone's hands..... Even in hospital they tried there best to stick to it but nature had other ideas!!!! Hopefully everything will go to plan though!!! image
  • I had early inductions with both my elder two so had them in hospital. I had a better experience with my second than with my first. MW has said that I could consider using the MW unit this time if I have a straight forward pregnancy. I'm a bit worried though that our local one is a stand alone unit so if anything goes wrong you have to be transferred to the hospital by ambulance, and that happened to both of my friends who have given birth there!! The hospital does have a MW unit upstairs and I'd probably be more comfortable in that one than the local one as you only have to go down in the lift if it goes wrong!

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