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Length of 2nd labours

My first labour was only 12 hours from the time my waters went to k arriving with forceps intervention. I went from fully closed to fully displayed in 3 and a half hours. Just wondering if your second or subsequent labours were quicker or not. just a little worried that if we wait til contractions are close together etc we might not make the hospital! Midwife did say that small and premature baby labours can be quicker though so that could be why.


  • Well my first was prem too so hard to compare. In hindsight my contractions started the Monday morning, we're unbearable by the night and when they finally took me seriously about 7pm I was fully dilated so I might have been at that point for hours (my waters didn't go). 20 mins pushing max. Second labour induced. About 6 hours from waters being broken to fully dilated, another 2 1/2 hours pushing then forceps. Both back to back
  • My first labour was 9 hours from start to finish with around an hour of pushing where as my second was just over 3 hours in total with only about 30 minutes of pushing. Generally 2nd labour's are quicker which was right for me but I also found it wasn't as intense as my first as the contractions weren't as consistant or strong x

  • I was in labour with Isla for 5 hours in total this included an hour of pushing which I just got to hospital In time for. Maya was quicker at 4 hours! Got to hospital at 22.40 she arrived at 23.11 after 15 mins of pushing. Only just made it to hospital in time to have her.

  • The more people I speak to the more worried I am about how quickly this baby might arrive. I went from water breaking to delivering in 5 hours (although I'd had 12 hours of on & off contractions prior to this). Happy for it to be quicker this time as long as it's at night as I worry that I wouldn't feel any build up & my hubby won't get home in time! I'm hoping to have a home birth & will get my pool set up by 37 weeks (the earliest I can deliver at home) as I know quite a few people who didn't have time to get into their pools!!

  • My waters broke but I had no contractions with A, so I was induced, but it was only 6 hours from pessary to baby.

    With no.2 it was 2hrs 10 from first (mild-ish) contraction to baby being here. I'd been having on/off pains for weeks so I didn't believe I was really in labour for the first hour. Glad we planned a home birth as by that point I couldn't have coped with getting to hospital! As it was the midwife arrived 20min before baby did, I'd just begun pushing. Didn't have time to fill the pool so gave birth on the sofa.

  • So definitely sounds like second labours are quicker! Thank you ladies.

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