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37 weeks baby breach advise please

I'm 37 weeks & was called in to the maternity ward today as my blood results for my liver were higher than they should be. While I was there my doctor examined me and mand gave me a scan and we learned that my baby is breach bum first. 

she has said that it is very unlikely that she will turn on her own this far into pregnancy and has given me 2 options. First option to try and manipulate her into the head down position, which she said will work in 50% of procedures. However it carries its own risks, it could start my labour off, the baby could become distressed and placenta could wrap around her to name a few. And would end up having to have an emergency c section  The second option is to book in for a c section which again carries its own set of risks, blood clots etc.

i can't decide which route to take. Has anyone been put in this position? Any advice or opinions would be great full!


  • Hi, 

    I have had the same my baby is breech she always has been as I have had monthly monitoring due to pre existing BP problems.

    I've been today and she has not turned I'm 37 weeks nearly, they gave me options try to turn her or section. After hearing or should I say reading mixed views on turning her I thought I would opt out on that path but today the consultant assured me it's worth a try and so routine now with the only real risk being it's not successful which she feels it will be .

    I really want a natural birth but CVC scared me also but spoken to a few people who say it's fine .

    Which ever decision you make will be the right one hope all goes ok xxx 

  • My son was breech and I also had low fluid so turning wasn't really an option. I had A planned c Section Which was a very calm , good experience. He is now 5 . I also had a planned c sec for my daughter who is 3 and am currently 22 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and final baby. Good luck with the birth X.  

  • Thanks for your replies ladies. i went into labour 2 weeks early after all that. baby was breech & because my waters had broke I had to have an emergency section. Which I'm still recovering from now & that was 4 weeks ago. I've been in so much pain and couldnt pick my little one up to feed her at night or in the day I needed constant help. After going through that I would say if they can have a go at trying to turn your little one to go ahead and let them do it! x

  • Congratulations on the birth of your little one  xx

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