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sweep show and pain ftm needing advice

Hi I am a ftm and im 40 weeks +2 and had a sweep yesterday at 12pm I had a bloody show at 9-10pm lots of braxton hicks but also had period type pain and back ache nothing over night but this morning I've had more braxton hicks along with mild period pains and sorry if TMI but sharp pain up my bum .... is this a sign that 


  • Hello jessjane1989. Sounds like something may well be happening! Have you phoned your midwife?

  • Hi HelenMFM  oh I hope it means something it's affecting my mentality as I'm suffering with spd aswell .... no I haven't rang midwife only seen her yesterday don't think they will do anything at this stage last time I rang was just told go get a bath and take paracetamol 

  • Oh no, SPD is horrible, I know – poor you.

    Are your pains coming regularly and getting more intense? Or are they still a bit here and there?

  • Never know spd could be this bad I work in the health care setting and im like an elderly woman furniture walking it's that bad but midwife wasn't interested yesterday and still awaiting to hear from physio been months now....... and they are a bit here and there not noticed any pattern with them yet I do have quite a high pain threshold but every niggle I keep thinking this is it lol 

  • Hang in there! I found watching telly really helped when I was in early labour - time to get out that boxset! And do keep us updating on how you're doing, won't you?

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