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C section fears and worries!

Am I silly for being petrified of having a section done? I always thought I'd have a vb again after having my first 8 years ago. But due to a nasty 4 degree tear with him the consultant suggested a c section in case I have more damage this time. Don't get me wrong I healed well, no issues at all in fact I was up and walking within hours of having my stitches and was out shopping 4 days later. No incontinant issues at all. But I understand why I section is important. my main worry is all the needles etc I honestly cannot handle them very well, I have bloods done and I'm a wreck! So I don't think I'd handle an epidural, cannula, catheter etc. Has anyone else got any fears like this that can suggest how I handle it better on the day? I have a few weeks to go yet so it's not like it's happening next week lol. Just can't help but over think it


  • Hi hun.

    I hhad an emergency section with my first. I know it's a little different to a planned in terms of experience.

    It's normal to be frightened. I was the same but the other way round with my second. I had him naturally but because section was all I knew I was scared of having a vb.

    There are lots of needles and things, not gonna lie to you. But you'll find once you are there you will be so excited to meet your baby you won't care. With it being planned, it's going to be lovely and calm for you. Once you have your little bundle in your arms you won't care what they are doing to you.

    The catheter....don't even worry! You can't feel it. Just feels a bit strange when they take it out.

    In terms of really need to take it easy, trust me! Let everyone run around after you, otherwise you'll do yourself no good!

    Just try and stay calm hun. It sounds like its for the best , just remember it's the safest way for you and your baby.

    Lots of love and hugs .xx

  • Hi Miss Cheeky!

    I had a planned C Section 23rd December with my first child due to her being transverse breech. I too was terrified.

    The Cannular doesnt hurt...I felt it less than a blood test...its a bit of a pain staying still for the epidural but they do local anaesthetic first so it doesnt hurt...the catheter is put in after the epidural so you dont feel it going in, and I honestly didnt feel it when they removed it either.

    As someone who is anxious about being in control, I can honestly say it was a very calm experience, despite my daughter getting stuck, my placenta fragmenting and me losing too much blood! All of which would have happened had I had a natural birth but with worse consequences I imagine!

    I was home 26 hours later...had an internal wound infection after 1 week which didnt hurt at all...recovered well overall was walking round the park after 8 days and was driving after 3 weeks.

    My advice would be accept that you have no choice and it is neccessary for the health of you and your bundle of joy! Get up on your feet as soon as you feel able but then do not overdo it & you should recover much quicker than you think xxx

  • It's natural to be apprehensive, my advice for needles is don't look - works for me anyway X. 

    I had planned section and it was very calm and the theatre staff were really lovely, maybe practice some relaxation technique?  Definitely don't over do it afterwards I did too much too soon first time and ended up with an infection just give your body time to recover. 

    Good luck xx

  • Thankyou for all your lovely replies.

    I feel so silly being worried, and it isn't even anything to do with having the surgery lol just the needles and everything.

    I know that on the day I will be fine once I've got past the epidural it's just getting myself calm enough to have them. I've bought some emla cream for my next lot of bloods and whooping cough so I'm wondering whether it would work for a cannula too. It's really lovely to know that there's people like you lot that can help someone and help reasure someone on here. 


  • Miss cheeky its completely normally I was meant to have a vb but I didn't dilate so had to get a c section I was completely terrified I couldn't stop shaking but in the end it was fine I even fell asleep when they were stitching me up! 

    The cathater was fine I forgot I had it in and getting it out wasnt painful just felt strange. 

    I was in so much pain that they gave me diamorphine while I waited for my epidural and it made me nice and calm for it but I have to say it wasn't that bad at all, be honest with them about the placement as at first he hit a nerve in my back so had to re-do it. 

    my recovering was fine I kept forgetting I had just had surgery. 

    the best tip I can give you is breathe nice and deeply through anything you are worried about and focus on the baby, when I was having a meltdown about my c section I started breathing slow and deeply and it was amazing how much is calmed me down! 

    honestly you will be wondering what you were worrying about, I do! I had my tonsils removed last year and that was a million times worse I would take a c section over that any day! 

  • I had a lovely anaenatist he used the magic cream to numb my hand before the canula lol lie they do for kids I hadnt asked for it he just put it on wonderful man haha.  The catheter was inserted after the epidural so wasn't felt, I had a very straight forward section and was up in the shower the same afternoon and catheter was out that evening ive had no problems at all I was driving two weeks after section, don't look at the needles and ask for the local anaesthetic cream before the canula so you don't feel a thing xx I hope it all goes well my first section was twenty years ago in May my second baby was vbac and third baby a section in December last year I would choose section over vb every time lol xx 

  • Just wondering why a section I too had 3rd degree tear with my eldest daughter I tore forwards damaging my pee pipe healed well and 16 months later gave birth vaginally to my daughter weighing 8lb13 very sudden birth and not a stitch or tear in sight and 9 years on just vaginally gave birth to twins one of which was breach.  

    Either way I hate needles but had an epidural for the twins i focused on my happy place lol it's a little uncomfortable  But once in place all good.

  • Kayagh my consultant was so rude she rushed through my appointment so before I had chance to ask any questions she straight away said we will book you for a c section two weeks before your due date! I was completely shocked because I've read up on mums who have had tears like mine and gone on to have vb 12 months later! Back there in 8 weeks so she can look through my previous notes (if she doesn't forget about them again).

    you ladies make it sound not so bad and carolineprice27 wow! Up and about the same day?? That's amazing, I thought the make you stay in bed until the next day? I've already said I don't want to stay in hospital for long like I did with my first, if I feel capable of going home without any issues of course then I'm asking them to let me go. So much nicer when your at home in your own bed especially when you already have kids. I'd miss my son too much staying away he's the one who always makes me feel better. 


  • i was taken to the ward at 10pm after my op and the midwife asked why I hadn't been up and about in recovery but I had been in labour for days so the other midwives said I should rest, she came and woke me up at 6am the next morning to get me up and about I just about passed out I was so tired and had so much medication so I think they are keen to get you out and about! 

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