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3rd pregnancy

Hello this is my 3rd pregnancy.  And I'm so worried about giving birth again, when I was pregnant with both of my girls I didn't feel worried as they where lovely pregnacncy.3rd time around I'm expecting a boy and it's an anwful pregnancy I had a few dreams that i wasn't going to make it t hrought labour 😟. And not see my children grow up i sit there and look at the girs and think to my self I will see them grow up etc  And i have cried a few time s. I no i will be ok haven't got a clue why I feel like this ?


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  • I am pregnant with my third and am more nervous about this labour and birth , was fine with the others , it's strange really, please don't worry I'm sure you will be fine , ive had some really strange dreams but pregnancy is known for that lol ive dreamt I've miscarried and it did affect me I became paranoid but I've calmed down a bit now Xxx

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