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C-section :(

hey guys im 26 weeks preg n i think im gona have to have another epidural as i did with my first. But the nurse who did it completely screwed up n actually lost his job over what he did n now i suffer with horrible back pain. But please everyone my question is; do i have to have an epidual or can i pick something else or be put str8 to sleep? Im so scared n my midwife is a bit of a cow so i dont wanna really speak to her about it :) xx


  • Hey Hun, im 35 weeks pregnant and going for my 4th section on 13th Dec (bricking it) you can request to be put to sleep for the procedure but they don't like doing so if it's not nessasary due to the extra risks that comes with. I had epidural with my first and second and spinal block with my 3rd section spinal block was a lot better in my experienc. 

  • What extra risks come if i be put to sleep? i was put to sleep with my first bcuz of epidural not working on me. im just scared tht ill have the sme exp even thou i going to a different hospital... so scared :( and bless you i thought u cud only have 3 sections hehe? Xx 

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