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Concern on big baby

 I am 39+1 week pregnant and due on xmas day but was told baby was 9lb on a growth scan at 38 week so scared I am gonna go over and have a huge baby. Anyone been in this position before any advice? 


  • If they were concerned that baby was going to be too big they would be discussing induction/section with you...

    Growth scans are not always accurate - my Eldest was guesstimated to be 7lbs 9 but came at 41wks weighing 9lbs, next was guesstimated to be 8lbs 3 but she was born at 41wks weighing 7lbs12, my twins were the closest guesstimated at 5.5lbs...girl spot on whilst boy 6lbs.

  • Well they were gonna induce me but the second constulant said no. But the first was like I think she should. So I didn't get induced in the end but I can tell by huge bump it's gonna be massive. Plus I think this baby will be late. I know it has to come out one way or another just a little scared xx

  • At 39 weeks they said my baby was 9lb he arrived at 40+4 weighing 9lb5 so pretty bang on for me good luck xx

  • Totally understand the fear factor! I am 34+4 and a scan today estimated baby at 6lb 13oz already!!!! As I have just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes I'm told they will induce me, seeing my consultant on Friday so hoping it's sooner rather than later!! 

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