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How to heal slightly opened episiotomy wound

Just looking for advice or to see if anyone else has experienced the same as me.

i gave birth to my beautiful boy 9 days ago and had to have an episiotomy due to him being stressed. 

I had midwife look at stitches as I still feel abit sore. She said the skin layer has opened slightly but no sign of infection. I also have 1 pile too. All she said was it will take a little longer to heal.

Does anyone know how long this will take to heal now or how I can speed this process up. I'm having lavender baths as recommended and changing pad regularly to prevent infection. Just want to be able to go out and do normal stuff (walking) 


  • Get yourself some echinacea cream and tablets from your local health food store - I swear by them (took them after my first - i had an episitomy too). Also, if you're sitting on a rubber ring, don't! Just sit on a super soft cushion. And i'd probably have slat water baths rather than lavender - never heard of using lavender in the bath -  swear the salt water made a difference! 

  • Never heard of that before. Is it safe for breast feeding? Also, will the salt not sting? 

    The midwives at the hospital and my community midwife recommended the lavender oil, doesn't seem to be doing much though haha

  • 99% sure echinacea is safe while breastfeeding. And i promise the salt doesn't sting - just keeps everything nice and clean and somehow soothes! I totally feel your pain - i walked around like a cowgirl for about 10days afterwards! Felt like i had sausages in my kknickers 😂 

  • Congratulations on the birth of your baby. I too had an episiotomy so really feel your pain. The hospital gave me a treatment called PME which was helpful so you could ask if they have that. It was delivered by the maternity physio department. 

    I had two teatree and lavender oil baths a day and as delightful as it sounds, sit naked, legs apart for as much as possible ( dressing gown will help you feel less exposed) I found leaning forward would help when weeing and if you need to cough put your hand 'there' to support your pelvic floor. Also do pelvic floors everytime you feed. 

    Sorry this post paints a lovely picture and defo tmi but omg did i figure all this the hard way. Oh and keep on top of pain relief

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • I know this is an old post but I had stitches, infection, missed by the stupid doctor, so got even more infected....... I knew there was something wrong. What I found after a salt bath, is drying your bits with a hair dryer on cool setting, instead of patting dry with a towel. Just a nice feeling of being "dry" instead of wet all the time. 

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