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Please help with any advice/happy boost stories xx

Hello ladies! Please bear with me on this. I’m 40 weeks pregnant today with baby no2 although I worked my due date out to be  2/5/18 and private 4d scan gave us the 5/5/18 but nhs is today. I was convinced baby would be earlier as my last cycle worked it out to be beginning of May.

ok so 2 weeks ago this Sunday I thought I had my show, it was a clear jelly like blob and quite a bit (sorry tmi) so I was naturally excited! Although with my first it came after contractions and it had the blood tinge etc. The following sat (last week) I started getting regular and mildish contractions that lasted hours and hours and didn’t stop when I changed movements etc. They suddenly stopped so guessed a false alarm. All through this week I’ve been getting them again but mild so assumed braxton hicks. Mainly at night and morning which is horrible as not really sleeping and have my 2 year old girl to look after :)

Yesterday came and I’d been having the same all night but this time a lot more painful and they ended up being 4 mins apart. My stomach would hunch together tight and painful low down. My husband suggested going to triage which I wish I hadn’t done as i didn’t want to waste anyone’s time. They checked and said I wasn’t remotely dilated and attempted a sweep but my cervix was too high and it was very painful so she stopped! She did say my cervix was soft and it could still possibly do something but was probably soft because of my first pregnancy. 

This pregnancy and false alarms couldn’t be any different to my first. I feel like a first time mum again 😩

I woke up today and got out of bed and felt like I had come on my period (again sorry) I pulled my underwear down and there was a blob of white discharge with a big water mark around it (odourless) and other discharge stains I must of had through the night (a creamy colour). I wasn’t sure if it could of been my waters so decided to turn to google (probably not wise) anyway reading lots of similar stories it was a possibility it was slow leaking waters and it smelt sweet on the pad as they said to monitor this! The pad was slightly damp but not wet. In the meantime every time I wiped myself or checked the pad I had yellowy/cream and greeny coloured mucus (sometimes a little blob) sometimes a little less! I also had tiny yellow brown stringy bits or yellow on the pad so I assumed this was more or a proper show and maybe the one 2 weeks ago wasn’t. 

I contacted my midwife and she said it could well be waters and suggested going to triage again to be sure as if it was waters the different coloured mucus could indicate baby had pooed inside although the show could still be these colours. I went to triage and they checked and said my waters hadn’t broken so I asked if the dampness (which she agreed my pads were damp) could of been the show and she said yes! 

Later when she came back to discharge me I asked if that was my mucus plug and she said she couldn’t see that it was and it was probably from the attempted sweep yesterday. 

I feel so disheartened and like I’m being a drama queen and getting my mine and husbands hopes up. I feel silly! Has anyone else had something similar? Could it of been my plug & she was maybe wrong? and could I be on my way soon? I know official due date is only today but I’m so exhausted and these little signs I’ve been having has made me think baby is coming. Sorry if I sound over the top I’m a bit hormonal also ha! Thank you if you have taken the time to read this xxx

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