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is this labour?

My plug went yesterday morning and since last night I've been having contractions like period pains bad ones tightening of belly and lower belly pains and feeling sick and diarrhea ...

Is this slow labour or bad braxton hicks?


  • Sound like start of labour but I'd ring the hospital for advise as I know I was brought in when I had diaherra. 

    Best of luck x 

  • Thank you its day 3 and the cramps are getting worse, so is the tightening of my belly! I rang them up other day and she wasnt so bothered about me having diarrhoea but I am ringing up today for advice to see if I am in slow labour or its braxton hicks :) 

    Thankyou for the reply 

  • Oh that's good nothing to worry about. Are you still going the same?? Try lots of walking.. Sex.. Bounce on ball or squats to get them going properly.. Best luke little one not to far off xx

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