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Discharge or waters leaking? *Sorry contains pictures*


im 36+4 currently. 

For some reason for the past 3 days my knickers have been damp.

theres a small amount of discharge followed by clear water like substance surrounding it. Please see picture.

do you reckon this is just excess discharge? 


  • Vickyjay1Vickyjay1 Regular
    edited Oct 10, 2019 1:59PM
    From 30 weeks pregnant with my son I had damp knickers and they told me I had a tear in my 'back' waters I was on antibiotics to prevent infection until being induced at 37 weeks, have you told your midwife? Hope this helps x
  • Thankyou! Yeah I think I’m going to phone the triage as it’s still happening. Better to be safe than sorry! X
  • Yes deffo better to get checked.
    Good luck on your journey hope all is well x
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