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Hi, im 37 weeks pregnant. Lately ive had lots of Vaginal discharge, lots of Brxton Hicks, my Stomache has dropped so low, and only small movements from my baby. are these signs that labour may start soon? Of course im excited to meet my little boy, but as each day gets closer i get even more nervous and scared. Im so scared of tearing! does anybody have any suggestions on ways to prevent it?


  • Perineal massage is supposed to help! Sounds awful, but (sorry if TMI) rub some olive oil onto your perineum daily from 36/37 weeks, and just try and 'stretch it out' a bit.

    As for the signs, they do sound promising, but don't necessarily mean labour is imminent I'm afraid! I had really strong Braxtons for the last week or so, and my friend's baby was fully engaged for four weeks!

    Hannah xx
  • Thanks for your advice. Turns out i might have to have a C section now =/ But i hope not.

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