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4cms-any advice?

hi everyone.

i'm not a happy bunny!! i woke yesterday morning having contractions every 3-5 mins. they were uncomfortable but not really, really painful. i was examined by my mw and was 4cms with bulging membranes (whatever that means!) she examined me again at 4.30 and things hadn't progressed. then the contractions stopped and i just had the occasional, irregular pain/contraction. i slept all nite and woke up feeling well but dissapointed that nothing had happened. i had contractions again 2day with a lot of cervical pain but that stopped after about 90 mins. i also lost my plug last nite. my back is aching but has been for weeks on and off. i have walked, bounced on my ball, taken rlt etc and am feeling a bit down now.

i just wondered if anyone else had experienced this starting/stopping? and if so, how long mite it go on for?!?

this is my 2nd baby and my first labour was sooooo textbook!!!

thanx for any replys, amanda x


  • hi yeah this happened to me with my 4th birth. i was contracting all day and got to 4 mins apart so went to hosp and was examined i was 4-5 cms. then it all stopped. great!!!! i then went all night having irregular pains. i was so disappointed. then at 7 the next morning i went in to labour and had my little girl at 8.56am. so was quick at the end.
    it is disappointing but the end is in sight for you and it could happen absolutlely any tiime now especially as you have had your show and your waters are bulging, that is good. hope things happen for you soon. good luckxxxx
  • thank you for your replys girls. the contractions have started again, they are every 6 mins now, lasting for about 60-70 seconds. they're painful but not unbearable. i really don't think i need to go to hospital yet so i'm gonna wait and see what happens. hopefully i'll meet my little man soon!!

    thanx again, manda x
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