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Archie Lewis is here :)

Hiya all

Just to let yo know that Archie Lewis was finally born by emergency c-section on sunday 14th Sept at 2:54am weighing 7lb 14oz.

It wasn't the nicest of births as I laboured for nearly 24 hours with only a few puffs of gas and air and then had an epidural and spinal block at about 1:30am and finally had to be put under general as Archie's heart rate dropped right down and didn't recover so they had to act straight away.
In the end it turned out he had the cord around his neck and when they had given me the drip to make my cervix finish dilating it had tightened.
All I cared about was that they got my baby out safely which they did and all the team where amazing for doing so imageimageimage

Hope the rest of you are ok

Lucie xx


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