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6 Months

Hey I'm 6 Months & I Went To Hospital This Morning Because I Thought My Waters Had Broke Which I Found Out They Hadent But Did Find That The Baby Head Moved Into The Down Position Ready For Birth. I'm Only 6 Months Gone & Have Been Told My Baby Could Be Born Anytime Now.. Ive Been Worried About This All Day & I Jst Need 2 Know... Will She Be Ok If She Is Born Now..?


  • hi and welcome to the site!

    i wouldn't worry about her head being down already as my daughter was like this and i ended up going overdue in the end and even if your lo was to come early she would be fine, would just have to stay in the scbu for a little while. hope everything goes well x
  • Thank You. I had alot of pain all through last night which did worry me. Hope she'll hold off just a little while longer : )
  • hi jodi
    if this is your first baby, it isn't uncommon that they can be engaged from early on - how many weeks are you? if it is your 2nd or more, the head can be in one minute, but then come out again (unfortunately tummy muscles not quite as strong second time round!!)
    if you do become concerned about your pains again, just go back to your mat unit for checking over
  • I'm 27 weeks & yes this is my first child. I'm going up to the hospital today as they told me to come back for checks because this has happened quite early. Thanks for all your help image
  • hmm, yes, 27 weeks is prob bit early! try not to worry though, you might just be one of those people! good luck with it!!
  • hi jodi, how are today? hope all went well at the hospital x
  • Hi, i've still got quite alot of pain. Went up to the hospital & they did some checks. I was also given some tablets to stop it from starting & once I had took them they kept me a few more hours to see how they worked.

    Completely hate hospitals & got very mad at my bf when he told me to get back in there & lay down lol.

    Hope your ok.

    Take Care x
  • oh thats good! hopefully your little one isnt going to make an early appearance x
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