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hiya everyone i just need some help really im pregnant with my first baby and still only 17 and im very tiny (5ft) and people keep saying to me i will proberly need a ceaseran as my stomach is very big.
i know i should listern to what people say so im just wondering should i have pain relief and if so what is the best please let me no


  • please take no notice of what people say its wrong of them to say you need a c sec!! my stomach was big for my small frame and i had a 6lb 14 oz baby boy with just gas and air after a 2 day labour!! ok i tore quite a bit but i think thats due to first baby etc. i found gas and air was all i needed but i would definately recomend a birth pool even if you dont deliver in there. i used one for 4 hours before i got out but the warm water is so soothing. hope this helps xx
  • Hi just read your post and i agree with hayleys1 dont listen to what other people say. My mother in law is just short of 5ft and she had her second son with no pain relief and didnt need a stich even though he was born nearly 10lb!! Im a size 10 and when i had my son he weighed 8lb 7oz and i did it on gas and air. I did need stitches as i had to have a ventouse. I think you are best to go up in stages with your pain relief you might think you need an epidural but find that your fine on just gas and air. Good luck
    sam x
  • Dont listen 2 wat people say. best advice I can give u is dont have a birth plan, never goes 2 plan. in a ideal world it would be pain free no intervension. just go with the flow on the day. Remember it cant be that bad people have more than 1. if it was that bad peole wouldnt go back 4more. ps.gas and air is amazing good luck x
  • i agree dont listen to other people, just because your belly is big doesnt mean its a massive baby, it could be fluid, i was size 8 (long time ago lol) when i was pregnant with dd, she was 8lb 14oz, had epidural, son was 9lb 4oz used gas and air, and if i hadd to choose again i would use gas and air, i sat i bath most of labour and it really eased pain, if you have access to birthing pool try that. take care. xxx
  • i had my first son two wks after i was 17nearly 4 yrs ago, tummy size has nothing to do with a c section anyway?! it position of the baby and placenta?! jst go with the flow, labour plans never go to plan but i went through it with nothing i couldnt concentrate with gas and air and the thought of not feeling below the waist and being told what to do didnt sound to good, but heres a tip if u wind yourself up and think its gonna hurt, you automatically tense therefore hurting more, try to relax and stay in a positive frame of mind! you're young, fit and healthy you can do this with or without pain relief jst never be afraid to ask the midwife and RELAX darling you'll be fine... its what we're made to do (god knows why!!)
  • thanks for that i will keep it in mind you have help me alot just by saying relaxe and dont worry xxxx
  • although im tall (5ft 9) i was only a size 8 when i had my son. He was 8lb11 and i only had gas and air so dont worry it doesnt matter how small you are we all stretch the same lol.
  • There's information on natural labor on best positions for active labor . All the best to you!

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