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Big or Small Babies???

Hello to all mums!!!!

I was just wondering, if mummy & daddys birth weight actually plays a part in how big your baby will be when born???? :roll:

I was just trying to get a feel on how big my baby will be. I weighed 6lb and husband weighed 6lb 11oz.

Have any of you experienced a similar sized baby to what you and partner weighed as a baby?

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  • I don't think it has anything to do with that, only because I weighed 3lb at birth and my boys were 8lb and 7lb 6. But saying that I dont know what their father weighed at birth.
  • Just another thing when I was expecting my second the midwife kept saying he's a whopper! I was sooo scared but he came out at 7lb 6. I was full of water!! and lost so much weight just when my waters broke.
  • Hi Baby Tigger!

    I don't think it has much to do with it unfortunately.

    My Mum was 7lb and Dad was 2lb 3oz and I was 7lb 11oz and my brother was 9lb 6oz!

    I wish it did mean that though as i'm expecting a whopper. At last weeks midwife appointment I was measuring 44 weeks! ARGH! I don't know what my hubby weighed at birth as he was adopted but he'd have to be about 15lb for that theory to work!

    Amy 40+3 xxxxxx
  • Thanks for that ladies, its just i read the size of your baby is suppose to be genetic. So just wondered thats all, oh well i can dream. ha ha!! xx
  • My little boy weighed 8lb 13oz and thats exactly what I weighed when I was born which is pretty spooky!! This one has been causing us all kinds of problems because the hospital have said he is alittle on the small side, although at my last scan at 36 weeks he measured a healthy 6lb (compared to my first one) but he has a different dad so genetics must have something to do with it. My husband and I are both small and he only weighed 7lb at birth as oppose to my whopping 8lb 13oz so we'll see - my baby is due today so I'll soon know whether genetics are responsible!!
  • I was 8lb 11 and my OH was 9lb 5 so I was expecting a big baby but he was only 7lb 15
  • I'm doubting that it's true!!

    I was 8lbs 5oz and my oh was 5lbs 13oz, I am 5"5 and he is 5"9 so we are not tall or big. And yet my baby is looking to be 8lbs 14oz at term on his chart, having said that I am only 31 weeks so it could change. xxx
  • My sister and I both weighed around 6lbs when we were born and we both came about 2 weeks early. I probably won't be that lucky and I'm sure I'll have a whopper! Ouch!!!!!
  • I was 6lb 4oz and hubby was 6lb3oz and our little girl was 5lb 13ozs. Not sure if it had any connection though. x
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