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had my sweep today

Iv had my sweep this morning with no luck. Mw said my babys head is right down, just that my curvix is too far back. Its not centralised enough. It did hurt a little but it didn't even take more than a min for her to do. booked for my induction on sunday, hope its a boy!
Hope your sweep goes ok tomoz{bev6}. Good look to everyone else. Im going to enjoy my last few days spoiling my 2year old girl till then.


  • Good luck starlet. Hope something happens naturally before your induction x
  • hey glad to hear it was not too painfull. how far over are u then? hoping after my sweep they give me an induction date x x
  • Im 41 weeks today, after she did my sweep she phoned the hospital and booked me in. I have to phone sun morning at 7:30 to see if theres a bed free and what time to get there.
    The sweep is more uncomfortable than painfull so i wouldn't worry too much.
  • am very confused dont know if u can help just been going thru my notes and my early scan date at 13 wks and 21 wks put my lo due on the 29/2/08 but doctor &mw by my last period dated put me due 23/2/08 so i dont know which to belive am i overdue or still got 3 days to go? dont want sweep if too early x x
  • id talk to your mw. I do know that if your lo isnt far enough down they wont do a sweep because they cant reach. With my first i was given 03/12 but at my scan they said i wasnt due till the 23/12. The doctor had worked it out wrong and we went with the scan date. She still didnt come till the 28/12.
    Sorry i cant help you out more.
  • oh well i guess she will let me know when she is coming lol. mw last week she was 4/5 down dont know if thats good or not x
  • thats good, she could be 5/5 now and it could happen at any time. my lo is right down, just too cumfy to come out i think. If shes that far down it looks like you will be getting the sweep.
  • mw said she is 4/5 but not engaged does that make sense x
  • 4/5 means that they can still feel 4/5 of the babys head above the pelvic bone. So 1/5 is classed as engaged.
    My baby is still only 3/5. Not impressed!

    40+4 xxxx
  • i dont know how they work it out. I do know that last nights earthquake dint get things going, so scared dint know what was going off.
  • arhh get it now, just wish the mw's in my area would talk more sense and maybe explain things more. Thank you for the info it was really handy.
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