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Yeast infection


I've been suffering from thrush on and off during pregnancy, I'm now 38+3 and I haven't been able to get rid of it for the last couple of months, I've been to the doc's and they prescribed me pessaries which I've been using, I didn't know if anybody else has suffered with thrush this late on in pregnancy and have you continued to use the pessaries right up until labour, and is this safe to do?

Jen x x


  • Hi Jen! i haven't had thrush throughout pregnancy, but I know that my mum did with my sister. She used pessaries right up until the birth and then as soon as she'd had my sister it cleared up!. think its probably safe, but maybe you should check with GP. I had terrible thrush when breastfeeding my first son and found it hard to shift it, so know how annoying it can be! I hope it clears up soon. Love Rachel XXX
  • Thanks Rachel!
    I'll give my GP a ring and double check and hopefully give the pessaries one last go before bubs arrives, I hate the thought of possibly giving my baby thrush as a welcome into the world present!!

    Jen x x
  • I am 30 weeks and had the pessary tablet recently for thrush. It said on the leaflet it is fine to use any time in pregnancy after the 2nd trimester. I think if your GP prescribed it (as mine did too) then it must be safe! xxx
  • hello all,
    some people say that natural yoghurt clears it up really fast. and try to shower rather then bathing. Bathing can sometimes be the cause of thrush because we have our baths too hot.Also i was told to not use a towel to dry down there coz it can make it more aggressive. and to use a fan to dry it off however this isnt very nice i know lol!!!but it did help clear it up. also when u go to the loo pat dry rather then wiping. could also try washing with warm salt water too as many times a day as possible .Try and lower your yeast in take too so cut down on things like bread. Try and sleep with it uncovered to get the air to it it helps to dry it out coz it grows in warm conditions.Trush is horrible!! I suffered really bad with thrush before i got pregnant i ended up in hospital with it at one point. touch wood i havent had it yet and im 28 hoping i wont get it. But My doctor in the hospital told me to follow them steps if i ever got it again.As well as using the pessaries because that alone has never been able to clear mine up. I really hope this helps. i know that all the things i have mentioned aint very nice to do i hated the fan thing!!!! but if it helps u out then its worth ago.
    I hope you have it cleared up in no time.

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  • Hi,
    i went to hospital for a check up on tuesday and MW there said she thinks she could see a little bit of thrush....not sure for def til swab results come back on monday but she recommended the natural yoghurt to clear it up. My OH looked at her funny when she told me to pop it 'down there' but think he has come round to the idea now. she said if i used this it would prob have gone by monday anyway.
    I've never had thrush before so i wasnt even aware i had it...not had any of the symptoms but reading your replies maybe ive had one too many hot baths!! i cant help it love my baths!!
    Del (38wks) x
  • I couldn't believe it when my doctor told me about putting yoghurt down there either but apparently its meant to cool down any symptoms! :lol:
    Del, did the midwife at the hospital suggest yoghurt instead of a pessary for any reason? The only thing I'm worried about is using the pessary then going into labour and whether the baby could ingest any of it on the way out?!?! I hope that doesn't sound ridiculous, I suppose I should maybe just try the yoghurt and then at least if I do go into labour the baby gets a healthy snack :lol:

    Jen x x

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  • the swab that MW took was being sent off to be tested so she suggested the yoghurt as by the time results were ready yoghurt would have probably cleared it up. Def worth a try if you havent already. i dont have any symptoms of it so im not sure how i would know if its cleared up but have a MW appt on tuesday so will check with community MW and see if i need anything more.
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