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Hi everyone I just thought I would put this little post up. There is a site called where you join a group in your local area. I have been on this site for a few months now and its fantastic.

The idea of the site is to keep good quality items out of land fill this being better for the environment. I know having a baby is a VERY expensive experience and unfortunatly not everyone can afford to get everything they need.

I personally have got almost everything i need from this site. The idea is if you need something you put a post on saying wanted and if some has it then they offer it to you. ALL ITEMS ARE FREE OF CHARGE.
Also if someone has something that you want rid off but feel it would be a waste just to throw it out then you offer it and if someone wants it then they ask you for it.
I managed to get a whole travel system in immaculate condition saving me ??100's. Also had loads of baby clothes etc some are brand new.
you can get everything from settees to cars to computer to clothes. It really is fantastic and a great way of saving the environment. It is such a good idea and not only saves you money but also saving the environment. Happy freecycling everyone. Hope some of you take advatage of it.


  • try puttin in your county, should be somewhere closer. I dont really know the group i am in is in pembrokeshire in wales
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