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waters breaking????

Hiya, I know this might sound a bit daft but I'm wondering if its possible for your waters to break without you realising? I'm 38 weeks pregnant and last night I had a really weird feeling down below, best way I can describe it was a popping feeling. Since then I've felt really damp down below, I noticed my knickers were a bit wet aswell. I'm just wondering if this could possibly be my waters breaking or if its just discharge or leaking urine? I've also been getting strong but irregular contractions, which I assume have been braxton hicks. Appreciate any help! Thanks x


  • When my waters broke I heard a popping sound, but there was no mistaking it as my waters gushed out but I've heard that they can trickle out sometimes so its worth talking to your mw.
  • Hiya x with my first baby there was no popping sound, but just a steady trickle. I would contact your mw, I had to go in where they tested a small sample and it told them that it was amniotic fluid, it was def my waters. Its important you know as if it is your waters, its now much easier for you to get an infection so they tend to want you in after 24hrs. Best phone them x
  • hi,

    def sounds like your waters to me as what you have just described is exactly what happened to me before i went into labour -best phone labour ward or midwfe to make sure tho x
  • my waters went at 32 weeks acnd i felt a kind of popping sensation like pressure had been released if that makes sense. mine didnt then gush but trickled just like having a wee but could not stop the flow like with a wee. hope that makes sense
  • could well be your waters, how they go depends on which ones break first apparently. i had to have mine broke the first 2 times so had a surprise the 3rd time, and it took me 2 days to go into labour after them breaking.

    i was sat on one of our bar stools and felt wet down below, i nipped to the loo thinking my pelvic floors had failed and changed my underwear, within 10 mins these were wet aswell so again i nipped loo and changed and put a pad on then resuming my spot on the bar stool i frantically rang my mum. i had been leaking water for several leaks but it was trickles here and there. well after getting off the phone to my mum i stood up and there was a mighty pop (actually made a noise too) followed by a gush, every step i took i gushed more, i had to make my way upstairs holding a towel between my legs lol. after about 30 mins it changed to a trickle.
  • I felt a definate popping sensation in my tummy, and then a few moments later my waters broke in a large gush! They say it can be a trickle too, so maybe that's what's happened with yours? Maybe it would be a good idea to get checked
  • I felt a popping and then a big a very wet bed image
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