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Membrane sweep-how long till labour

Hi, I am 38weeks plus 3 with twins...had membrane sweep this morning, doctor said I was 2cm come I didnt feel so much pain like with the first one...when I was 2cm dilated with my first 14months old son I was in lots of pain, maybe this time my cervix is more flexible...How long your labour started after membrane sweep????With second baby???


  • I had membrane sweep at exactly 40wks with 2nd but watrs didnt break until 6 days later - had a show 2 or 3 days after sweep. You are amazing to hang on to those twins for so long!! The only other person I know to keep twins in for anything over 35 wks was my sister who lasted until 37 +3!!!! Hope it all starts for you soon and goes well.
  • Hi... I had a show the day after my first sweep, then another sweep 2 days later and I went into labour within 24 hours after that one. Have to say tho the doc told me after my first sweep my cervix didn't look anywhere near ready! (Hence the 2nd one a couple of days later!)

    Good luck with everything - hope it all goes smoothly x
  • I had a show, four days later I had a sweep, then four days after that I was induced. I was six cms dilated but didn't start contracting on my own.
  • Hi scabbers.....was it your second baby? Did you have then long labour or short? I cant take it anymore, I am waiting for so long cause I am carrying twins and I was told they are born earlier but nothings' s happening...I want it to be over.
  • i had a show when doctor did membrane sweep.i dont know if I should walk to go into labour soon or to relax.To be honest, I am fed up with walking and being active throughout my whole pregnancy cause I have toddler at home who is toddling already for 2 months....please babies come out....
  • Oh Jaskulka you sound so fed up. I know I am - I'm 37 + 3 and time is dragging. I really hope things start happening for you soon. DO you not have an induction date if nothing happens. I know that my sister was due to be induced at 38 weeks with her twins if nothing had happened.

  • I dont have an induction date yet? I wanted the labour to start naturally, I could have had membrane sweep last week but I wanted to wait a week more.Also my son was not well last week so It was not convienient for me to go into labour...Now I think should get moving....we will see after sweep what will happen...I am dilated already so I think it's not going to be long...with my first child I was having contractions for 12 hours and dilating really slowly.Now I am dilating without having painful contractions...its probably my reward for previous painful labour...I managed with just gas and air...
    Now I will try to manage without epidural...we will see...
  • i had a sweep done today at 38 weeks because of spd , this is my 5th baby im 2cm feeling like nothings gonna happen so fed up any tips ladies ?


  • Hi ladies just reading your posts ... Im still early compared to you but i just wanted to know...does a sweep hurt? Do you know when your gonna get your show?....25 weeks with 1st pregnancy....NERVOUS!!
  • Hi girls,


    Had my sweep yesterday (40 weeks exact). Was just a little  uncomfortable  and felt crampy soon after. Now back to waiting image This is my first and im really getting antsy now. How much longer?

  • Im 37 + 4 days and had membrane sweep i was told i had to wait 72 hours for another sweep which will be done at home as cervixs is hard. Just wanted to ask has any one with a hard cervix gone into Labour witg first sweep. If not how many did tgey have be4 going inuo labour.

  • I had my sweep at 40 weeks, cervix hard, maybe 1cm dilated. Had loads of cramps that day, lost my plug the next day and had baby at 40+6. Im not convinced it was the sweep that made my waters go but I think it did help start the process In some way 

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