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is it a show??

hi girls

im due in 15 days, i have been haing regular braxton hicks and this morning i have had a brown discharge almost as if the end of a period. i wanted to know if anyone elses show was like this or if it is nothing to worry about? also if this is a show how long is it usually before labour starts?

please help!



  • My show was like that and my labour began next day one of my friends had a show and her labour didnt begin for 4 weeks so could be any time.
  • My show was like a clear mucous with streaks of blood in it, i went into labour a week after. It's definitely a sign that things are starting to change in your body.
    Good luck xx
  • my show was a snotty green jelly i was losing it in bits for weeks and then a big lump about 10 days before labour started. th rest came away when my waters broke all the best xxx
  • mine was snotty green in big lump last week still losin clear bits of stuff through the week. still no sign of baby, due tomorrow. braxton hicks are really annoying me now..x
  • With my first baby i had a blob of browny pink jelly which when i told my midwife she said was a show, three weeks later still no baby and i was induced so it could be any time!! Good luck
  • i had show 3 weeks ago now just getting clear discharge due on monday with my last baby had show 4 days before waters broke
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