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is a show always pinky or bloody???

hi im 36/2 and think i may be having a show . tmi but its like a blob of jelly but its dark dark yellow could this be a show?? there is no blood it just a blob of jelly. not sure any advice welcome x x x


  • ermmm not sure hun wen i had a show in my last preg it was clear and had a blood tinge to it frm what i remember,i think a show can b brown,pink,clear +blood init ne of them look it up on the net
  • hi. generally a show will have a pink tinge to it or be streaked with blood. you can have an increase in discharge towards the end, or you could have an infection. jut keep an eye on it. take care.xxxx
  • Hi there with both ov my girls i ad a pinky brown tinge in it, i phoned my sister especially with my 1st i dint no wot was happening!! She was more excited than me, it hit me that it wouldnt b long b4 baby was born!!
    Good luck
    Adele xxx
  • thanks adele called my labour ward and they said it sounds like it was a show. sounds like mine coming away in peices rather than one big lump. but since then got realy sore boobs x x x
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