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hi every1 i got 2 weeks to go before my lil 1 due and i'm scared stiff. Its only been the last couple of months that i throught about the birth and the more i think about it the more scared i am. I been told that i have low platelets and because my platelets was low before i got pregnant then my son could also have low platelets. I've had to have my blood taken once every month to make sure the platelets ain't getting any lower. I've now been told that once my labour starts i've got to go stright to hospital to have my blood taken and once my son born they are going to test him for low platelets. The doctors have also said that they can't use ventouse and forceps on him so now if he gets destress then i have to have an emergency caesarean. I was looking forward to meeting my baby but now i scared stiff i cant stop thinking about the labour, i keep havin bad dreams so now i'm hardly sleeping. i dont know if any 1 of you have been told about low platelets. I feel so alone my boyfriend trys so hard to help but i keep thinking its me going through all the pain not him and i keep shouting at him over nothing, i know it aint his fault. If anyone got any advice please write to me because I really need the help.
Thanks Fiona xx:\?:\?


  • like zoey says they r only doing the best for your baby. try to focus on how u r lucky to be in such safe hands and that u r going into this experience clear of what might happen.
    i understand it must be hard so can only say try to use the next two weeks to prepare urself and relax. u may have a normal birth and should there be any problem they willbe ready to intervene with ur c-section as itll be in ur notes.

    i appreciate u must be terrified, i was too and that was without this worry, so just try to stay calm and relax to help u have a normal labour. i dont no what else to say so sending a big hug and best wishes for ur deliveryxxxxx
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