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after baby is born

hi ya
have a question, when do periods return after baby is born, i'm bottle feeding, thought i had one when he was 8 weeks old, had nothing since, i have pcos, and am a little bigger than i was before i became pregnant, i'm in my old clothes but they are tight, my baby is nearly 5months old now, thought they should have returned by now


  • Hi, i just got my first period and my lo is cuming 10 weeks but i know people get them quicker. I would go to your doctors but its probably nothing but just to put your mind at rest. xxx
  • hi after my first i think it was about 5 or 6 weeks after she was born i had my first period then they were as regular as ever, maybe you should get checked out just incase. i dont think your size would be relevant, as long as your uterus has shrunk back to normal size (gp/midwives usually check this few weeks after birth)
  • i did go to the docs, and it was my pcos sorta taking over so i'm back on the metformin, atleast the weight will go, yippee, thought i'd reply just incase anyone else is in the same boat
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