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Castor oil Does it work

Hello , Im 38 + 2 weeks pregnant and just been at the midwifes as im fainting , feeling horrible and really feel like its time for baby . Midwife said that her head is in my pelvis and i have droped down. My aunty used to be a nusre and she suggested castor oil but warned me of the side effects . i asked the midwife about it and she said its my choice . Ive read alot about it and some people say it works some say it doesnt. Im not sure weather to try it or not . My partner is getting it after work at 3.30 pm . Any advise on if it works or not ??


  • Hope u dont mind me asking, but what are the side affects?
  • Put it this way you will be on the toilet alot , its a laxative that cleans out both your small and large intestines and by the bowel movement it can start contractions. This is the website i looked it up on.
  • Hi, just wanted to say sorry if tmi but it triggers labour due to the stimulation you get from your bowels due to needing the loo a lot, a lot of mws dont like it though as apparently can cause probs (not sure what kind), you could try a really spicy curry or get your mw to give you a membrane sweep though she may not untill you're a bit further along, hope this helps.xx

  • Hi i tried this with my first pregnancy. It didnt work for me. I too am desperate for my baby to be born asap and have been trying loads of things. When i spoke to my mdwife this time about trying it she strongly did not recommend it as she said not only will it stimulate your bowels but can also stimulate the babys and make them pass meconim before birth which can apparently be very serious.
  • yea i've heard that it can do this to baby too although i did try it about a week ago but it didnt even give me the poops!!not sure if ur meant 2 keep taking it tho,i only dared take it once and by the way its mingin!!i added it to orange juice or i would have just thrown up tryin 2 av it neat!it curdled tho so dnt know wots worse!!im bein induced 2moz so not long to w8,hope its not 2 long 4 u ladies i h8 the end!! xxx
  • I wouldn't try it, in fact I wouldnt bother trying any homemade induction techniques lol as I don't think they work! If it did work then it would be more than likely the baby was coming anyway. Everyone told me that sex made their babies come early. I had sex every day, took loads of raspberry leaf tablets, had a sweep etc and I ended up with a c section after a failed induction!! I'm certain had I tried castor oil, the outcome would have been the same. Babies come when they're ready...
  • I tried it took it last night at 5pm the took another does at 7pm and nothing happened at all. I went to te toilet once and that was it. nothing. Ive gave up giving anything a try ive decided baby will come when baby is ready. Hopefully it will be soon cant bare another 3 weeks lol x
  • I wouldn't go near it! I think that a baby will come when it's ready. Castor oil just sounds like it would be putting your own system under some stress just at the time when you want to be healthy on behalf of your little one. I'm 39 weeks and trying to be patient! It is hard though! Good luck!
  • i tried everything last time - except castor oil!
    i just could not face swallowing that!
    i can't belive that so many people have tried it! so much braver than me. i will stick to fresh pineapple and spicy curry. no sex for me either - like ever again!!!!! why do you forget that being pregnant is hell?????!!!!!
  • I read a story once about a woman who took castor oil and basically ended up spraying the room with diahroea... as if birth wasn't undignified enough! It put me right off ever considering it! image
  • i thought about taking castor oil too, but mw said it can be dangeorous has it clears all your system out and can make the baby poo inside you too.

    i dont want to put baby at risk, even though i sooo badly wnat him out,getting soo stressed now, iv tried curry 4 nights on the trot,raspberry tea,sex,walking! but like everyone says he will come when hes ready! god im going insane waiting!!! lol xxxx

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