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Arnica tablets/lavender oil

Just wondering whether anyone else has been recommended to use either of these for labour? Had a visit from the mw today as I'm planning a homebirth, and obviously the pain relief options are somewhat limited at home. She suggested that I should take raspberry leaf tablets, which I've heard about, but also to add lavender oil to a bath in the early stages of labour, and to take arnica tablets during labour. Not something I've heard of, but if it might help I'm happy to give it a try.

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  • Hiya

    Arnica tablets can help to reduce swelling. I used them post-birth to reduce bruising and swelling.
    I used lavender after birth aswell cos its mildly anti-septic, soothing and can help healing. Its great for relaxation aswell.

    Clary sage oil is great to use in the last stages of pregnancy and early labour cos it can encourage the uterus to contract. It blends really nicely with lavender so maybe use a combination of the two.

    Good luck with your homebirth, hope it goes smoothly x
  • Hello

    What do you do with the clary sage oil?

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