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Indoor weight loss exercise

Want to reduce weight, must exercise + diet.
Also note: nutritional diet? The equilibrium, but also to strictly control the calories, after getting up to drink a cup of honey water, breakfast should not be ignored.
Today I will introduce several simple motion reducing weight method:
1 the neck movement: leg, TouQian, hind admire, reset, left, right, left to surround, surrounded by four times, circulation do.
2 arms: points around the leg, lift on two arms, forward, backward, four laps around the ring around ring 4 laps, do 2 times.
3 enlarge bosom: leg, two arms bosom curve and exhibition after adjustment, boom after doing four times.
4 body movement: turn left all four times, make two groups.
5. Includes song: 8 times.
6 to the waist to disciplinary body, axle, surrounded by a week, do all around 2 times.
7. Kick: before 10 times, make two groups.
Bow before 8. YaTui: around each step 4 times, make two groups.
9 YaTui: each side around four times, make two groups.
The squat stand: 12-20 times.
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