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Signs of slow labour - confused??

I was due on Wed 20th Jan and still to this moment I am waiting for little man to make an appearance. I have tried all the recommended tips on helping to induce labour but had no luck.

I have however had signs of labour, but it all stops/slows down as quick as it starts. I haven't had a show, but I am experiencing regular tummy pains. They come and go every 15/20minutes and last around 30seconds. Since last weekend i have had pains daily (mainly around 5/6pm) and they last for a few hours, i go bed and wake for them to have settled.

Apart from last night, i have had constant pains since yesterday around 3pm and I am still having them now. The pains in my tummy aren't to bad, but my back is so sore and i am finding it extremely hard to stand or move around as it's sore and has on numerous occasions made my legs go from underneath me.

Other than this I have started suffering terrible with sickness (even the site of food makes me sick) my heartburn has become extremely increased also and my stool has just gone back to normal after being loose for a few days. I have also noticed a huge increase in white discharge (really sorry for tmi, but thought more is better to help know if i should be concerned).

I haven't spoken to my midwife since my last appointment (2wks tomorrow) and haven't called the hospital as the pains come and go. Should I be concerned or am i just still having b.hicks and nothing is happening at the moment?? Also is there any way of knowing i am dilating? Oh and what i am aware my waters are still in tact (haven't had a gush) but babies' movements have slowed right down - he moves 10/15times a night - so i know all is ok but he isn't very active.

Sorry again for all the informations, it's just i am so bored of waiting for him and don't know if i should have been hospital yet!!! Many thanks in advance for any advice given..xx


  • Hey Stacey

    I am in a similar position to you I was due on the 21st Jan but little one still hasn't decided that he wants to make an appearance.

    I too have had pains that disappear which is quite annoying. I can completly sympathise with the heartburn as mine has got really bad.

    Do you have an appointment with Midwife/consultant??

    I have a consultant appointment on wednesday to discuss induction options!

    If you are at all worried contact your midwife they wont mind you calling them to get advice!

    Kelly 40 + 3

  • Ohhh Kelly - why are they doing this to us??

    I like you have an appointment for Wednesday for my induction date, but other than that i am not due to see the midwife now until i am in labour - i've found them less helpful this time around. I mean my last appointment was 3weeks today and when i checked my notes haven't been completed as you would expect.

    Last night i got over excited - had pains sooooo bad i felt as if i'd had a good kicking, that lasted 3hours, then i fell asleep - woke this morning and you got it - back to normal, not a ache or pain only terrible sickness!!!

    Hope your baby makes and appearance soon and good luck when he/she decides to come!!xxx
  • could be slow labour, but also could be a tummy bug, especially with you saying your views on food. and if you haven't been eating that could well be the cause of the heartburn.

    common signs of labour beginning are loose bowel movements, lower back pains, sleeping more than normal. i found the pains felt like i needed a number 2!
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