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Can I still have a water birth if I am induced?

I'm due to be induced on Wed (10 days overdue) but have suddenly wondered if this will affect my chance of having a water birth? The sweeps I have had haven't worked as apparently they can;t even reach the neck of my womb - does this make water birth very unlikely?


  • Hi

    I would check with your midwife but as I understand it may well affect the possibility of a water birth. If you have been induced they like to keep you on a monitor for the baby's heartbeat.

    I wanted to be able to move about freely when in labour and give birth however I felt comfortable but as I was induced I ended up having to stay on a bed being monitored although at first they allowed me to stay mobile.

    Ring your community midwives tomorrow and speak to them about it, i am sure they would be able to give you better advice.
  • i was wired up to a drip when i was induced so i doubt you can hun xx
  • Hiya, I was constantly monitored so wasn't allowed off the bed when I was induced. I was convinced that I wanted a water birth, but when it came down to it I was in so much pain that it was the last thing on my mind!

    Good luck with your induction, hope it goes well.

    Corinna x
  • Hey,

    I had planned to have a home birth and spend most of my labour in the bath but also had to be induced. I tried having a bath in the hosp but found my tens machine more effective for the pain.

    I wasn't dissapointed that I didn't get my home brth as I was just so pleased to have my baby in my arms.
  • I was induced last time and was able to have water birth - well I used the pool for the pain and it helped loads - it took the cramp pain in my leg away! I delivered really quickly afterwards but didn't have any issues with being induced!

    I'm being induced on Weds too so we might have lo's on same day - good luck!
  • I was induced and was told that as long as the gel works and it gets you into labour and you need no further help then there's no reason why you can't have a water birth. Unfortunately it took 3 attempts with me and then they had to put me on the drip so I couldn't have the water birth I wanted! xxxx

  • Can only give you advise on my hospital rules but what they do is start you of on a pessary. If that works they its just as if you went in to labour on your own. So as long as you and baby are ok then you can have the waterbirth. I didn't get it as I had baby had to be closely monitered, something me and hubby arn't convinvced by but thats another story! However if you have the drip then no you can't have the waterbirth. Hope your birth goes well and you get the one you want. xx
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