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Clary Sage

Have anyone used this, does it bring on labour?? Someone recommended it to me but not sure to but it or not.:?


  • Its supposed to bring on labour by causing your uterus to contract but I used it everyday from 38 weeks and still went 2 weeks overdue. As frustrating as it is, I honestly don't believe there is anything you can do to make LO come if they're not ready. Just stay active and positive and lap-up all the attention cos believe me when the LO comes along you'll crave the time to just wash your hair!
    Please don't take castor oil, it'll give you bad diarrhoea (sp?) and stomach cramps and frankly labour is bad enough without added complications! LOL.

    Good luck and hope the LO doesn't keep you waiting too long.
    Liz & Spencer, 7 months old
  • I agree with liz above, iv been using clary sage since 37 weeks and im now 10 days overdue. Iv tried everything, im preparing myself for sun to be induced. Was supposed to be having a home birth, dont look that way now.
    If you do decide to use it dont use to much and restrict how often you use it. It can over stimulate the uterus. But hey it definitly relaxes you, so try it when your in labour.
  • Well i used clary sage oil in my bath and then massaged it into bump from 39 weeks. I didnt give birth till 41+ weeks. However i do think it hurried along the actual labour. I had a sweep at 41 weeks and was 2cm dilated without knowing, i went into labour that night. I was surprised how i managed the pain. Im such a wimp normally, but gave birth to a 9lb 8oz baby girl with only a tens machine for help!

    Ive spoken to other mums who hadnt used it and they all said how painful their labour was. All the mums who used the oil said the same as me- it wasnt that bad at all. So get massaging.

    Good luck
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