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Will it ever happen?!?!?

Hi, I am 40 + 3 days and begining to loose all faith that my baby will ever make an appearence on their own. It is my second baby and had a horrible experience with my first. I have tried everything they say to encourage labour but still nothing. Have got membrane sweep on Friday and am hoping and praying that it will work, but considering they say it only works on 17% of woman I dont want to bank on it too much. Is it true what they say about if you go over on your first child, then each subsequent child follows suit?


  • Hi clmoore,
    Ahh, I know how you feel, i remember feeling like I was pregnant forever, and now my baby is 11wks old!
    I went 3 days over this time, went into labour after I had sweep, so be optimistic about it.
    My first baby was 11 days over, so I didnt have to wait so long this time around!
    I also, had a bad time with first birth, but am living proof that it can be easier the second time.
    Good luck, I hope he or she makes an arrival very soon and you can be back on the chat site moaning with us all about the sleepless nights! xxx
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