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How much....

Hi girls

Hope you are all well.

I am thinking of having a home water birth and was wondering if anybody who has had one could tell me please how much they costed and whats the best to go for? There are so many out thereimage

Thank you



  • I've got a birth in a box mini. for the pool and all the extra bits pump etc its about ??145 but i had mine unused out of the paper for ??40!!
    the lady had to go to hospital and never had chance to use it!!
    so if you have got time look in the papers and on ebay etc because you can pick up a bargin!
    other than that i have brought a couple of "smart price" shower curtins for non-slip floor protection at 88p each and a couple of new towels but thats it. so its not too expencive.
  • Oh wow that is very lucky, I might look about. Thanks hun, are you exicted about having a water birthimage

    K XX
  • As i've said (sorry for repeating myself) this will be my 4th waterbirth and i can not wait! (i am strange and quite enjoy or at least am relaxed about childbirth) i would HATE to do it any other way than in water BUT i'm now 6 days over and after an internal this morning my midwife said my cervix is still not ready so labour is not iminent!! so if i don't go into labour before next friday i'm going to be induced! so no waterbirth! which scares me so please keep fingers crossed for me!! xxx
  • sorry to crash the thread but...

    michelle - how does the waterbirth work....once you push out the head is it safe that the baby's head is submerged while you are pushing out the body?
    i've heard that the baby doesn't take a breath until you touch him/her - is that true? and does that mean that you have to let baby float up to the surface on his/her own?

    were any of your births in a hospital or were they all at home?

    i love the idea of a waterbirth so it's great to find someone who has had so many already
  • I had a birth pool in a box for about ??150 including everything I needed. My labours progressed very quickly both times so I never got the oppurtunity to try it out.

    ((hugs)) Michelle, I think there is too much emphasis on making women and their babies conform to dates. An average pregnancy is at term between 37 and 42 weeks, some babies just aren't ready by the magic 42 weeks. It is entirely upto you whether you go for the induction or decide to wait for your baby to arrive by itself and go for regular monitoring beyond 42 weeks. I hope everything works out for you the way you hope. There is some great info on this page about going post dates and planning a homebirth
  • Hi
    I've had 2 of my births at a local midwife unit i had moved and they are not trained for waterbirths in this area. This time i am (hopefully) having a homebirth with a midwife from a neighbourig area attending.

    The midwife unit was fine (home from home) they had the lights low and left me to it as much as possible and i went home after about 5 hours so not to bad.

    As for the baby being born, my first two both came all the way out with one contration and yes sort of floated to the surface. where my DH picked them up (he feels he delivered them single handed LOL)
    the 3rd her head was born and i had to wait for the next contration for her body. It did feel like ages but she was totaly fine and again my husband just picked her up and put her on my cheast.

    I am really tempeted to wait rather than being induced but being the bank holilday weekend i would have to wait til 42+3 to go in and the have said the placenter stops working so well after 40 weeks (i know this is a scare tactic but..) I only want a healthy baby. I think i will play it by ear and see how i feel next week if he hasn't arrived.
    But in the mean time more Raspberry leaf tables, clarysage oil, walkind and sex!! LOL!!
  • thanks for the info michelle!

    fingers crossed it all happens naturally (and healthy and safe) for you
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