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Does it get easier???

I know they say every pregnancy and labour is different but is there anyone who's had 3 children or more and found the labour got easier? i didn't have a great time with my first but the 2nd was a breeze and i'm praying this one will be to.xx


  • hi. i have had 5 babies and can say that with each labour and birth it has got easier. when i was pregnant with my 3rd everyone kept telling me that 3rd labours are renound for being difficult and i was worried. but you know, it was one of my fastest at 20 minutes and baby was born quickly and with out problems. then my 4th and 5th were just as easy.
    try not to worry too much, we all know that every labour and birth comes with risks attached and can be unpredictable but stay positive and focused and you will achieve your goal. don't listen to bad stories. you are in a very exciting position. good luck to you. take care.xx
  • Hi
    I've had 8 and agree with you that each is unique. I don't know if the labours get easier or you are more aware of what to expect. I have been really lucky that all mine arrived naturally, either at home or hospital. I will admit to getting real jitters before every one of my labours though. I have mentioned to one other mum on one of these forums [can't remember which, old grey cells failing] that I found trying to keep my sense of humour really helped and most importantly having, like yourself, had a nightmare first labour.... remember its your labour so don't feel you can't dictate how you are treated/ spoken to, etc.
  • I am 31 weeks with my 4th and so far they have all got easier- but as others have said- it might be that you know how and when to push and can direct the pain a lot easier. I remember being so out of control with my first that the midwife had to shout at me and i went into shock!

    This time i'm just worried that the midwife wont get to me in time (hoping for a first home birth)- but hubby should know what to do by now i suppose!

    How did you lot cope with them coming so quickly? I'm so scared i'll wake up in the night and go to the loo and the baby will just be there!
  • Hi, Ive had 4 babies, the first was a long haul 45 hours in total, the second was 4 1/2 hours but not really easier as baby was so big she got stuck, babies no3 and 4 were a breeze, no 4 was 1hr 50 mins and nearly born in the car.
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