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any one have any tips on how to bring on labour????

hiya im only 35 weeks pregent but iam determind NOT to go overdue this time with my first child which was just over a year ago she was 14days overdue they took me in too the hospital when i was 12 days over due (on a tue) and said i was 1cm so they gave me a passery? that didant work then they decided to give me anorther one the next day by this time i was getting very soar with them keep going up and down there!!!!!:x

Then when that wen night came and they decided to give me this gel witch started mild contractions coming every 10min so they sent me off up to the ward as the delevery suiet was full so i was all on my own i was very tierd and emotional my mum had to go home and was told to come back the next day.

6am on the thursday morning a midwife came and woke me up and told me to get my things ready as i was going back down stairs so they could break my waters i was very tierd as had no sleep with the every 10min contractions. as this was my first baby and i was only 19 i was realy scared and wanted my mum to be there they told me not to ring my mum id be ok on my own:? but luckly i manged to sneak a text when i said i was nipping to the loo and asked my mum to come. i had my waters broken and was told i was 3cm so i had to be put on a drip the contractions was getting realy strong so they gave me gas and air but i couldant do it it made me feel sick. so i asked for a epardrul but the person that does them was in thereta so i would have to wait. i had a studant midwife and a normal midwife who both was lovely but kept telling me i had a long way to go yet then all of a sudden my body started to push i didant know what was happing so i didant say anything but then my mum noticed it on my next contration and asked if i was ok. i told her it feels like i need to use the loo so my mum pressed for a midwife when she came in she said there was no way i could be delivring as i was only 3cm and walked out the room luckly a doctor then came in and my mum was so mad she demanded they have a look at me when the doctor did she just shouted and pressed an alarm and told me to push so i did and 3 pushes later my daughter arrived because i was pushing so hard i had to have 23 stitches as i had a third degree tear!

Now that im pregent with my 2nd and due in 5 weeks im soooooo scared of having to be induced again i will try almost anything to bring labour on natruly if any one has got any tips or can help id be very gratfull thanx for taking ure time to read my story xxx;)


  • Hi, what an absolutely horrible time you had! Hopefully this time round won't be even half as bad for you, i was told that if you have a curry pref a strong one that will set your stomache off (not pleasant i know) then the stimulation in your bowels (sorry if tmi) will set off contractions, also try asking if you can have a membrane sweep as this is what set me off when i wanted home birth with my last. Hope all goes well for you this time.xx

  • oooh,horror stories everywhere!im bein induced tomorrow as my waters broke on tues n nothings happened since.Bit gutted as i had a fab labour with my daughter (now almost 3) and was only in labour 4 hrs,was already 5cms dilated when i arrived at hospital!3hrs later she arrived!wish me luck,hanna xxx
  • hiya all thanx for the imformation yeah i know it sounds stupid but iam going back to the same hospital only because my partner doesant drive and it would be very difficult for him to get to the orther hospital. i realy hope that i do go natruly i go and see my midwife next week so im going to have a talk to her and ask her if i could have the membrain sweep at 40weeks so hopefully that might work im going to try the sex the rasberry leaf tea i cant stand pinapple so thats a no no lol ive also got the big ball to bounce on so we will have to see how we get on. good luck to you all and ill let you know how i get on thankyou sarah x x x x x
  • hey hun,
    that must have been horrible for you going through all that on your own. im 19 and have just had a baby last month & would of been in a right state if that happened to me when i was in labour!
    i went for really long walks up huge hills everyday for a week before i went into labour,ate loads of pineapple,currys,r.l tea etc but an hour before i went into labour i took pulsatilla homeopathy tablets (aimed for people in slow labour or if your labour has started and stopped) so id say that u try homeopathy because it worked for me! good luck hun and hope you dont have to be induced xxx
  • Hi, i been trying loads in the last week or so to get labour started and it eventually has although still slow at the minute. (was 3cm today hoping im more now). First i tried hot curry, didnt work, then had sex, gave me a show, then runing up and down stairs(i live in a masonette with 4 flights) didnt work. Then went to herbalist who showed me an exercise to do (as if you are using a hula hoop but slower and larger circles) Have been doing this reguarly and it also helping now with contraction pains
    Then yesterday I went for a very long walk on my own in the rain about 3 miles, came home got Oh to take me out in the car into the car park and entrance to lesiure centre (after it was closed) and to drive over the speed bumps with out slowing down. (dangerous i know but wore my seat belt and made sure ther was no one else around first)Also and i know this one wont be for everyone but LOVE EGGS, these are a sex toy that you insert into your vagina and they knock togther when you walk. Idea of them is ti get you really turned on in the day so you can have fab sex at night. Checked with MW first and where safe to use so long as clean.I sterilse in boiling water after every use anyway. I wore these on the walk and on the speed bumps. Then last night had sex again and at 4am this morning my labour started. Ok its been slowish, having contractions every 5mins for almost 24 hours and at last check about 12 hours was only 3cm dilated but they have been alot stronger this past couple of hours so seems to be working now. Good luck!
  • i feel the same...i had my daughter 5 yrs ago and had the drip and all that stuff and ended up with a c section - it was horrible and i am simply not going to do that again this time!!!! I too am keen to try anything that will get this baby out on time to avoid having another section (at least they won't do induction this time - no drip hooray!). started having regular sex etc to try and encourage things along.
    A mw said to me that regular nipple stimulation is supposed to be really effective as it releases natural oxytocin (the labour hormone that they give in the evil drip) so get twiddling those nipples ladies!!!!
    Claudia 36 wks xxxx
  • Don't worry about guzzling pineapple. According to research you would have to eat at least 8 whole large pineapples before even a minimal amount of whichever magic chemical they contain might work!! Good luck with it all. I am 39 weeks and may have pre eclampsia so i am really hoping little one makes an early arrival so that I don;t have to be induced.
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