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my fathers day arrival birth story

my birth story - SAM - 9lb 3oz - 55cms long - head 36

well - i went in eventually to be induced on the saturday morning and was given a shot of the gel at 9.25am and told
i was favorable. nothing happened at all and at teatime i was given another shot about 5.30 and left too it. i
went for lots of walks around the hospital etc and felt like things where starting but as soon as i stopped walking
so did the pains. They left me for the night and i sent john home. by 6am the sunday morning i woke up and pains
where starting but not really anything i considered as labouring. they told me if i was at least 2cms whrn they
examined me then they would send me to delivery to break my waters and see if they could get me going that way.
they examined me about 830am and i was 3-4cms so i was very happy. also the midwife i had seen all the way through
my pregnancy was in delivery and was free so they let me have her which was lovely as i had also seen her alot when
i was preggers with riley.
she came to take me to delivery at 9am ish and said doc would need to come and break my waters. whilst waiting for
doc my contractions started coming alot faster - every 3-4 mins and much more painful. midwife gave me some gas
and air (love that stuff) and just before doc came my waters went on their own about 10am. all this time i just
wamdered around the room - or around the bed when got my g&a lol. Doc examined me at 10.15 and i was 6cms.
midwife had got pool ready in another room for me while waiting for doc so we went straight in and i got in pool at
10.35am. straight away contractions went like massive and only about 30 seconds break between each one, within 2
tractions i had to push and knew baby was coming. was quite intense as took me by surprise but was defo better in
the water as could move about easily. Sam came at 11am on the dotand shot across the pool like a torpedo lol.
I relaxed back into the water and they gave him to me for a cuddle which was fab.

i got a second degree tear but he was a large baby and it went along my old scar line but midwife says not as bad
this time as last time.

all in all a very good birth. midwife was very proud of me lol. more painful than rileys but was alot faster.

midwife stitched me up and gave me g&a again while she did it so i talked aload of codshit to her while getting
doped up lol then it was back to the ward.

the staff on the ward where fantastic both before and after i had him and it was a lovely experience with a lovely
clean ward and labour room.

i was still glad to come out though hehe



  • Hi Amber,

    It was lovely to read your birth story. I'm glad it went well for you, and what a lovely Father's Day present for your husband.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Wow Amber, sounds like it couldn't have gone any better!!!!
    (apart from him arriving on his due date lol!!)

    You were so lucky to have the midwife that you saw throughout your pregnancy, that must have made you feel so much more relaxed!!

    Love your pic of the boys together!
  • glad it went well for you
  • Amber what a fab story, you did so well to have a natural delivery, as sam was quite a big baby! You must be so proud of your boys. How is Riley doing as the big bruv? And how are you coping? xxx
  • hi

    im good really - just tired, sam is very good really but it still catches up with you, espec as i love my sleep lol.

    daddy is back to work tomorrow and im looking forward to finding my routine iykwim.

    im off to bed now - gotta get it while i can lol
  • What a nice birth story, im glad you got the water birth you wanted.
    Also love the picture x
  • Thats a lovely birth story, i'm glad it went well for you and that you were able to use that birthing pool
    Just realised your pics actually a movie! It's fab, they're both gorgeous boys!
  • Amber what a lovely births story sounds like things went well for you. And i love the picture your boys are very sweet. It is also so nice to have the same midwife at the birth, i never saw the same midwife twice when i was pregnant and had two new faces at the birth. I didnt feel like i connected with them but they were lovely especially the student midwife.
  • thats great amber, i really wanted a water birth. your boys are lovely! xxx
  • Hi Amber,
    Lovely birth story, very positive. Take care.
  • Hi Amber,

    Thanks for sharing your birth story It sounds like the birthing pool is a good idea and glad you got to have it

    Also I love the video of Riley and Sam
  • oh how great to here you story
  • Great story Amber and I love the video

    Cheryl x
  • Oh i didnt realise it was a video, im so dumb. It's lovely Amber xx
  • oh wow - its me - amber - just back to earth from planet newborn 2 years later lol

    thank you all and i hope you and all bumps and babies are doing fabulously xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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