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Blatant, unashamed whinge!

There's no getting away from it! I'm feeling pretty bitter at the mo. I am just going to write down all the things that p**s me off and if I offend anyone, or say anything politically incorrect I DON'T CARE!!!

Here goes...

The apparently growing number of 16,17,18 yr olds who are getting knocked up by randoms and having their lives handed to them on a plate. Getting rent paid, vouchers for shopping, free eveything and then still having spare money to go out on the lash and dump babies with other people.

But don't worry, its not just the youngsters I'm pissed off with....ex-boyfriend's ex-wife has two kids by two different men, neither of which she is currently with. She's my age and, again, gets rent paid, benefits etc and has now been told her kids are old enough for her to go back to work....but, of course, she can't possibly go back to work, as she has no qualifications, so she gets college courses paid for (3 so far, only 1 she has completed). My husband is desperate to get a better job, but can't afford to do these courses.

So, because I worked hard, got a career and waited until I met the right person and struggled to buy our home and worked my arse off (70 hours a week) to pay all the extras in the first year. What do we get??? Infertility and struggling to make ends meet, while my taxes are paying for those silly girls to have nights out and numerous college courses. Just because they were irresponsible and stupid.

So, my message to anyone in those scenarios, or thinking it might be a nice idea? Get a friggin job, wait until you can pay your own way in life and stop scrounging off me, so I can afford my family!!!!!

There. Breath....


  • Good for you have a good whinge, I totally agree! I work with children so see it all the time, people who don't deserve kids just pop em out while nice decent folk like us are having these problems! Life just isn't fair sometimes! But hey we're probably lucky in ways other s arn't I suppose cos don't know about you but Id rather work and pay my pay my way, these people prob have no self respect! It is good to let it all out! One thing Im sick of is all these bloody baby reality programmes on telly at the mo, talk about rubbing it in!
  • I couldnt agree more...while we are on things like this i also hate it when people who have been blessed with children treat them badly...i have neighbours who i always hear shouting at there kids and some of them can be quite nasty and i just think 'you are so [email protected]*king lucky to have these kids and you treat them like that!'

    I find the way the world works very very bizare!!!!

  • oh i so agree. . Was walking into the hospital other day for my review to see why my ivf didn't work.

    . On way in was a 16 pregnant girl

    heavily pregnant smoking! I could not believe it. Felt like crying.

    Why oh why can't I have a baby! We deserve one more than her!

    X x x
  • Absolutely on all other counts! My ex-boss used to scream at her kids and said she was a bad mother, as she didn't have any patience. And I saw a heavily pregnant woman sat outside the maternity ward on the way to having my bloods last week. I wondered why she was sat in the bus stop outside in her dressing gown- oh yes, for a fag??!! Surely, SURELY you can give that up for your baby that you have carried for 9 months????!!! It took a lot of self-control not to walk up to her and tell her what I was going through just to be in her position!
  • Booey- I'm sorry, I have just read you tag beneath your post...I don't deserve to whinge.....Poppy, you're right, I am very lucky in some ways and would much rather have self-respect and the respect of my friends and family. But, still a bit of "ggggrrrr!!!" to those idiots who drive us mad!! Much love xx
  • hey windymiller

    its ok we all deserve a moan lol

    do u no what am really sick of tryin and tryin and ivf

    and tests injections waiting scans etc lol

    i want a life without the ttc Elements! My next ivf starts few months and if it doesn't work i just am gonna be so sad. But least am ready for it this time. . No good eggs i wasn't ready for lol.

    Ladies you all so strong. . All on same journey.

    If i had already a child it wouldn't be so tough but i have nil and that's the hardest part knowing i might never be a mum x x
  • Hello windy and boooey, everyone has a different experience and its everyons right to moan so dfon't feel bad. Booey I feel bad cos Ive noT had to go through as much as you and I still feel hard done by! good luck to you hope ivf works. Ive been out tonight with my OH and discussed if my next 5 months of clomid doesn't work we are goin to go for adoption. Hopefully it won't come to that but i don feel positvie that we will be parents one way or another xxx good luck this month everyi=one xxx
  • Hellomagain booey,I totally understand how you feel as Ive no children annd although itss wrong I do feel that if I had a child it wouldn't be so bad but thats not fair I suppose as I knoew peole fins it hard to cope even when they have a chikd but Im totally with you i would be so happy to be privelidged with 1 child xx
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