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Newbie here!!! need Advice please :)

Hi ladies,

I just joined forum today, me and my husband are trying for our first child together, he has 2 from previous marriage, i have none as of yet hoping that will change soon image

I was wondering if any of you could give me advice, i have been to doctors as we have tried for about 8months with no luck and the DR put me on microgynon 30 for 3 months and told me not to have sex at all during the 3months i have now came off half way through month 3 as it was making me really sick and break out in spots and extra weight etc... you know the drill.

So now im waiting for my fake period to come round as i was told i would have a sort of fake period once coming off the pill. we are going to start trying again once the fake period is ended.

So do any of you have any tips at all for me as i really want a child of my own. (although i love my husbands children like they are my own) its just not the same.

Sorry for rambling on.


  • Hi Kaylz,

    Sorry you've been struggling. Do you have regular cycles at all? If you do, it might be worth tracking your ovulation with body temperatures, ovulation predictor tests and monitoring your cervical mucous (nice, ey??!!).

    You'd be surprised at how easy it is to miss your fertile window, especially with all these people who fall pregnant at the drop of a hat!

    We were given a fertility referral after 8 months, though and they should give you some help, even though your hubby already has children. But I don't think they go as far as IVF etc if you don't meet the criteria.

    Good luck and I hope your stay in our forum is short! (in a good way!)
  • Hi windy,

    Before i was put onto the mycrogynon 30 my cycles were regular as clockwork every 28 days which i have recently found out is actually good, so i dont know why the DR put me on the mycrogynon, seen as i have only just got my fake period as they call it today i wont know my cycle days until maybe next month but i will definitely be keeping track, the OH is going to get a fertility monitor on wednesday so hopefully be able to track fertile days with that, also i did an online ovulation predictor prior to the mycrogynon 30 and wasnt sure if i had worked it out right..... i think i may have to ask at DR's tomorrow about fertility referral and see what happens from there.

    Thanks for the reply image
  • Yeah, I would go back to the doc and ask why he/she put you on it? Don't understand it myself as I would love to be regular!

    You do get used to having to try to push things with GPs and don't feel afraid to question them. It makes a huge deal of difference to find a GP who is sympathetic - I was really lucky but if you don't have much luck see a different GP if there is another in your practice and when you are happy, stick with them.

    Definately do the ovulation sticks as at least then you can be sure you are doing it when you should be.image And you will know you are ovulating.

    Also don't just assume cos your OH has kids he is still okay. We had some private tests done and it turned out that my otherhalf had a prostate infection (really hard to detect) which was making his little guys clump. That sort of thing can happen at anytime.

    Just try to relax and try not to make it a total focus, although it must be some sort of a focus, as stress is a big factor in effecting your fertility.

    Any don't worry about it - it'll happen when it is meant to. Enjoy your life until then! And just because if it is 8 months doesn't make it any less stressful for you just because it is not as long as others - its is still hell of a long time. I know people who were more stressed out after just one month! lol! So just keep at it xx
  • Ooh, also meant to say look at the LTTC over a year forum. Just cos you've not been trying for a year, there is loads of info and advice xx
  • rachysetty

    Just to let you know spoke to GP today and she has given me folic acid to help things along also she has given me advice since i stopped taking pill after this bleed i have to wait until next one if i havent got BFP by then, i have to wait until im on cycle day 21 then i have to go in for blood tests, if they come back clear then OH has to go in for semen sample, so looks like things are starting to go well and DR is starting to pay more attention, also found out that previous doctor i seen should never have put me on mycrogynon since my cycles were regular every 28 days, so she is filing a complaint about the other doctor for me.... lets just hope things happen quickly if not then at least i now have a GP supporting me image
  • The original doctor sounds a bit barmy to me. Did he seriously tell you not to have sex for three months? That seems really unusual advice or am I just being a touch naive? Am glad your second doctor is being far more helpful.
  • Yep, did sound a bit weird! But there are so many different thoughts out there. And you don't like to criticise your GP, do you? I wonder what planet he was on. So frustrating for you xx Glad you feel like things are going somewhere now!
  • I think the previous doctor was rather insane although i must be just as bad because i listened and didnt have sex the whole time :/ things were deffo not the same at bedtime, but now were happy we can go back to the way we were, and continuing ttc, i definitely think this doctor is going to be great i used to see her a few years back before she went on to maternity leave, she herself knows how hard it is as last time i saw her she was only a few weeks gone and she was telling me she and her OH were trying for a few years. So she knows how im feeling image
  • Thank goodness for the second doctor!!! I could not have managed three months without sex with DH! We'd be arguing and all sorts. I have the utmost respect for you for managing it!!!
  • and HI! Munchie! How's things with you? x
  • Hey Windy! Things are good thanks - went to see the doc again this week. She really wants to put me on the clomid! DH needs to get tested first so gently twisting his arm with that one. Been quiet the last few weeks - classic end of term syndrome. Caught impetigo off one kid - that was nice!!! Still no AF but hey - what's new!!!? image How's you?
  • Hey- thats good news about clomid from your gp- that'll cut some corners waiting for a fertility referral. I twisted hubby's arm with promises to help "collect" his sample!

    I'm on 2ww of 2nd cycle of clomid. Not hopeful. I'm on waiting list for lap and dye, as despite a previous pg, they are worried about scar tissue on my fallopian tubes.

    Its all a jolly waiting game these days!
  • Oh, and impetigo- nice! And we want kids??!!
  • Hey Kaylz

    Good for you. Don't feel bad for taking advice off a professional. I'm probably just a bit older and gobby and always question them, lol! I've had to talk a GP through the options for treating my acne once, and she gave me the WRONG advice about how it would effect my pill, even though I questioned her! Honestly! They don't have to keep up to date with treatments if they don't want to and I would never see someone who was a locum or in an out of hours, as they move on and never get questioned. I've only learnt that through trial and error tho.

    Let us know how you get on.

    And Windy - looked after my 3 year old niece today - too clever and too obstinant for her own good (god she is just like her mum, my sis! lol!) and I was pleased to go home at the end! lol! I'm sure mine will be much stupider and therefore better behaved! image Obv that will be my OH influence tho! :lol:

    Love to all xxxxxxxxxx
  • hey ladies thought id check in seen as i havent been on for a few days been spending time with the hubby at my mums house, needed a mum hug was feeling a bit low... think its the aftermath of the pill coming out of my system, so now were home were going to get down to some BD'ing seen as im due to ovulate next week.

    I seen a tarot reader on friday, i generally see one once a year and the one i seen this time was fantastic she knew alsorts even down to my OH eldest's age, she didnt even know he had children she knew nothing about me at all she even told me his ex partners real hair colour i was rather amazed she says i have been stressing too much about conceiving which she actually told me i was trying without me telling her, but that teh stress was good as it meant i really wanted it (obviously) she also said she feels i will fall within the next two months and that more than likely be october, although i know you cant take what they says sometimes too serious but its just a nice thing to hear, although i wont be upset if i didn't get my BFP by october as i know that its not a definite just because someone said i would. (sorry if this doesnt make sense).

    Anyway how are all you ladies hope to hear from you's soon
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