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sooooo this is getting serious!

hey girls i have been on here once or twice but i really feel like i need support more than ever. Basically i came off the implanon feb 2011 in the hope of conceiving number 2. well since then i havent had regular periods and have no idea when it will show. I have had hormone tests which showed normal and a scan which showed a number of cysts on my ovaries. i now have my first fertility appointment on the 20th sept and cant wait. im just wondering how i can best prepare myself for this? also what should i ask? im really praying that i will have an alcohol christmas!


  • i recognise your name i think!

    All i can say is what happened at mine. It was pretty straight forward they did bloods which sounded no slightly different to you. then they put me on clomid, but that too didnt work then they put me forward for a lap and dye test and ovarian drilling.....but a week or so after i got the letter with the date of the op...i got my BFP!!! Naturally!!

    Ask what your options are as you do ovulate? They may suggest clomid as i do know women have been on clomid even though they ovulate. They may suggest a lap and dye or hscg ( not sure if thats what its called!) to check if your tubes are blocked, if you are ovulating then it maybe your not get pg because they are blocked...which they can sort. So if i was you and this is only what i would ask is for a lap and dye or hscg to check the tubes if you know your ov. But the FC will let you know your best options hun.

    Good luck hunny xxxxxxxx
  • sorry faye i dont ovulate i dont think. ( i dont have periods very often) so havent been able to have the 21 day test. im hoping clomid will do the trick but nothing is guarenteed with this game. I am slightly over weight so gonna try and loose some before i go but im not massivly over weight.
  • Opps i was thinking the horome test being normal ment your bloods but that would be to detect pcos i guess! Doh!

    I expect they will suggest clomid for atleast 3 cycles they normally do and if it doesn't do anything after 3 months they normally say it wont. Hence why i was going to be going for a lap and dye etc. They may also give you provera which you take to bring on AF which i had to do. But unfortunately it didnt work for me but plenty of people it does though.

    Fingers crossed for you xxxx
  • Also if you haven't considered or thought about reflexology you might want to and have a look at my reply on the LTTC forum on the thread about accupuncture and reflexology

  • yeah hun i saw ur post and been looking at prices. i may give it a go. Also hun congratulations u must be so happy image
  • also faye but would they be able to use clomid on me because i dont have periods? i have been researching and dont seem to have come across many people that go on it when they dont have periods. ???
  • Thank you hun yes after 20 months trying we are over the moon still nervous after our mc last year.

    I didn't have periods either hun thats why they gave me the provera to give me a period then i started clomid on cycle day 3-6 i think it was. So you can still take clomid if you dont have regular periods they will just give you something to make you have a period.

  • Sarah,

    Faye's said it all really, but just thought I'd say that I'm another one who doesn't have periods and was started on clomid, with Provera to bring on a bleed first. Unfort, also hasn't worked over 3 cycles, so I had my lap&dye and drilling today(!).

    I'm sure clomid would be your first step.

  • Pumpkin how'd u feel! How'd it go?? X x
  • its just so strange because i didnt even have to try for my daughter then i went on the implanon (worst mistake of my life) and my periods havent come back! if u dont mind me asking but have your periods always been irregular?
  • Sarah- I was always irregular. Off the pill I think I've had 4 periods ever!

    Faye- was ok. Really nervous last night and this morning. Had to be there at 7! Got seen by nurse quick and changed into a sexy gown and support stockings but then sat and waited for 3hrs... But another lady was told to come at 7 for a 3pm slot!

    Once in theatres I remember chatting to the anaesthetist and saying I felt fine, and then I woke up in recovery! I've got 3 holes- one at my belly button and two at my bikini line, but the worst thing was my blue wee! From the lap and dye- smurf wee!

    Bit sore, but got painkillers and only as bad as the nasty period pains I had last month. Was in till 8 ish- 4 hrs longer than expected- I just could pee, ended up drinking 3.5L if water, which I then vommed onto my driveway. Mmmmm, never felt more like baby making!
  • Sarah I have PCOS so my periods when not on the pill are alway irregular.

    Pumpkin glad it wasn't too bad, my friend told me about the blue dye coming out!!

    Did they give u any info if they found anything?

    X x
  • Oh yes, sorry- was a bit painkillered up and a bit loopy last night- don't remember writing that!

    Tubes patent and lovely(!), no adhesions (had perforated appendix aged 10). Ovaries "very polycystic", and drilled. This is via hubby. I know I was spoken to by loads of people in recovery but cant remember anything!

    Random hormones in 6 weeks (for fsh/lh/testosterone, but not progesterone?) and clinic again in 8. Unless something's happened (!) back on clomid at that point

    Fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed.

    V sorry for hijacking your thread Sarah.

  • Aw pumpkin i wish you the best of luck. this ttc stuff is so hard going! fingers crossed image
  • I'm starting clomid at the end of the month but been told I can take it at any time. I don't need a period to be able to start it. Just got to wait 28 days after my last period which managed to make a show 140 days after the last one. Weirdly it showed up after I had given up on the metformin. Can I say I love being metformin free!
  • Ooo, Munchie- you'll be joining us on the clomid thread, then?!

    Pumpkin- glad to hear all went well with Lap&dye. Did you go back to work the next day? I'm supposed to be. Hmmmm! I have my pre-op assessment on Tues and then op on 12th Sept.

  • Windy- Nooooooooo! Don't do it! I grudgingly took the week off, but after today when, despite 4 hourly paracetamol, codeine and diclofenac, I still hurt to cough/laugh/yawn, and am having to do a roll and up when I want to sit up! Still have alot of shoulder tip pain from the insufflation aswell.

    I really wouldn't be able to work, but I may be a wuss! Dont know if you drive windy, but you can't for 48hrs after a general anaesthetic.

    Faye- did your friend say how long her wee (and, ahem, others) stay blue? I'm still wearing pads and hubby is worried about getting a smurf willy! Tmi? Blame the painkillers. Also, something they don't tell you- don't sit on a White toliet seat- mine will never be the same again! image

    Never let it be said ttc isn't glamourous...
  • Pumpkin!! That's so funny! Snuff willy!! Ha ha

    I think she said if lasted a good couple of days, so hopefully it will stop soon. I guess just depends how much dye is still up there!!

    Windy I think most people do not go back to work for min of a week. I wasn't planning on when I was due mine.

    Ul need time to recover and as Pumpkin said u wont b able to drive for atleast 48 hours

    X x x
  • good luck to you!!

    after TTC for 18months me and hubby were referred to seacroft fertility unit in leeds.

    I have another appt next week where i will commence on clomid i hope! after loosing 17lbs image

  • Hmmm, would have been nice for them to tell me all these things at the hospital, wouldn't it?! I can't afford a week off work and need to give my boss much more notice. Flippin'eck, she's going to go spare!!

    Thanks for the heads up, Pumpkin. I'm not quite sure why you pee blue AND dh might get a smurf willy - you are using the right holes, aren't you??!!image
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