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CD15, month 1 of Clomid, looking for a buddy


I'm on my first cycle of Clomid and on CD15 and am looking for a buddy! 

ekj x



  • what is Clomid  ???

  • Hi Rozei

    I have PCOS and don't ovulate and Clomid is a drug that (fingers crossed) will make me ovulate.

    ekj x

  • oh right, i have pcos also ekj i know its hard i have succesfully had 2 children and 1 on the way,i commented on another post about a lady who also suffers with the horrible cysts, it runs in my family image and my mum has had 13 misscarriges and gained 6 of us and another on the way xxx 

  • Hi  EkjSmith.

    I have PCO and am on the first cycle of clomid. Currently on day 6 of cycle (day 5 of tablet-last day)

    Am in the same situation with the not ovulating. SNAP!

    I hope it works for both of us image

    Sending lots of luck and hugs xxx


  • Hi Jacqui1986

    Thanks for the reply.  I hope you don't mind me asking but what follow up are you getting from the hospital regardng the Clomid?  I had to go back for an ultrasound on day 11 where they told me that I had responded.  Do you have to go for any blood tests after this first cycle? I would have thought this would have been the norm as I still may not have ovulated but it seems not?!

    We've been TTC for a couple of years now and really am keeping fingers crossed that the clomid works as the next step will be IVF.  We would have to pay for this ourselves as my husband already has a daughter.

    How long have you been TTC?  Do you have any other children?

    ekj x




  • I have to have a blood test on cycle day 21. My GP gave me clomid after an appointment with a professor. I have had an ultrasound but that was to check for PCOS but nO other ultrasounds.

    We've been TTC for a year exactly and we have no children.

    Ask your doctor for the blood test as you should be having one on day 21 to check for ovulation.

    Jac x
  • hi i just wanted to join u..... i have been ttc for 2 and a hal years now and i currently have a 7 year old daughter. i have been given clomid today but i have to use provera to bring me on first. i am very nervous about this but trying to stay possative. What time of the day do u girls take the clomid?

    I have no ultra sound but i have day 21 blood tests. 

    I would love to have some buddies during this time. 

    Fingers crossed for us all!


  • Hi soon_to_be

    I didnt take provera but had something along those lines.  I took that for 5 days then it took 3 days to come on. 

    I started taking clomid as soon as I got up, about 7am every morning. This was because I would rather get the hot sweats during the day and not at night- I need lots of sleep to function! lol

    I dont think it really matters what time as long as its CD 2-6.

    Its brilliant to have this thread.  I don't feel so alone now. image

    J x

  • Hello ladies,

    Can I join u on this tread? I've got PCOS, diagnosed in nov 2008. I was treated with clomid, 50mg, then follicle tracking scans and 21 day bloods. Successful ovulation first month and got my BFP second cycle, so i was very lucky!

    You take clomid for 5 days and as long as the first tablet is taken between days 2-6 it is fine. On 21 day results, I was informed that if it was over 35 it meant that u have ovulated. When I got my BFP the level was 113.

    My DS is now 3 and we been ttc number 2 since December. Again no AF so had to pay privately to see consultant and be given clomid again. I'm on day 7, I've got a tracking scan on day 14 to check whether in responding. I'm just hoping its as successful as last time.

    Good luck to all x
  • Hello everyone.

    Jac, I called the hospital today to ask about 21day blood tests, but they've told me that I don't need them, but that they would like me to go back for another ultrasound if I don't get a BFP this cycle.  It seems that different trusts have different protocols?  As the doctors and nursing staff have been very open and supportive so far, I'm going to go with the way they see best and fingers crossed.  I'm on the 2WW and am getting very impatient!

    Hi soon to be mrs hodgkinson.  I have regular as clockwork cycles so am lucky in that respect but just don't ovulate, so I didn't have to take anything before I started the clomid.  I took mine first thing in the morning and, luckily, I didn't have any side effects.  I'm hoping that if I need to keep on taking it that I carry on not having any side effects as they don't sound very nice.

    Hi JPC4, It's really great to hear positive stories about clomid.  Fingers crossed it works again for you.

    Good luck to everyone xxx




  • Hopefully you will have a BFP so you won't need the ultrasound. 

    Im now on CD13 and the ovulation tests are still negative! booo!!!! What is the 'normal' day to ovulate? Is it CD13-CD15?

    Going off to google it now! hmmmmm.! Thats brilliant to hear! Congrats xx

    Jac xx

  • just a quick question girls..... ive just worked out that my cd21 is on a sunday what do u think will happen about this? 

  • My gp says it can be between cd21 and cd23 so you'll just go on the Monday mrs hodgkinson image
  • I suppoise they are testing your hormone levels. There shouldn't be much difference in the readings within 2 days. Either if you've ovulated or are preggo.

  • Hi Jacqui

    I got a positive ovulation reading on days 13 and 14 and my cycle is 28 days which is about right. I'm hoping I did actually ovulate though as I know with PCOS it may give a false reading.   I'm sure I'm going to get AF on Friday as I've got bad spots (usual just before) and am feeling a bit tearful.  I did a test today which was negative too.    My OH is telling me not to worry and we've got six months of Clomid for it to work,but I'm just so conscious of my age (39) and worrying that if we do have to have IVF my age will be against me. 

    Wishing good luck to everybody and hoping for BFPs very soon!

    ekjsmith x


  • Pick me pick me. I totally need some support and I'mso thankful I'm not the only one out there trying to get the same thing I need

    . I am trying for baby no 2 for 7 months after my miscarriage in november and I just completed my 1st round of clomid. I am cd 11 and started using my ovulation strips today. I just have so many mixed emotions about it all. Excited. Scared. Anxious. Happy. Nervous. It's about to make be burst into tears writing about it. I am sure my hormones are going crazy. (HOPEFULLY trying to produce an egg;) but anyways good luck to all of you I hope and pray that I will get my lucky positive stick soon. Then the dreading 10-15 dpo wait begins waiting for the bfp/bfn? Praying for all of us!!!!!
  • Hi Sara0514

    I completely understand about how emoptional all of this can make you feel.  I often feel as though I could just burst into tears at the most inappropriate times!

    I keep testing in the hope that I'll get my BFP but nothing......  AF due on Friday and don't think we are going to be lucky this month.  feeling quite down about it still but nothing more I can do.


  • never give up hope ekj! i will pray for you too....I am on CD 13, still no positive O test, even tho we are BD every day to every other day this week.  I hope the ovulation strips show a dark line in the next few days im feeling a bit discouraged. 

    something else i was going to ask/mention.....My Doctor prescribed me clomid, but never mentioned blood work, ultrasounds, or anything? Should i be concerned about that? Basically i got the pill, and told me to use ov strips and good luck....maybe because this is the first month?

  • Hi Sara

    It seems to be that you get different treatment depending on where you live and whether you have the clomid prescribed by your GP or the hospital. I had a scan on day 11 on this (my first) cycle on Clomid to check if my follicles were responding and then told to use the ovulation predictor kit. I did call and ask if I could get a blood test too but they said that I didn't need it and they would just do another scan around day 12 of my second cycle. From what I can gather from reading about other peoples experiences, it seems that if your GP prescribes clomid, scans and blood tests don't happen and you just get lon with it. Have a word with your doctor.

    ekjsmith x

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