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First round of clomid!!!!

I would like to know what it was like on the first round of clomid (im on 50mg), how long did it take you to concieve, and any symptoms anyone had who concieved.

I'm 25 and my bf is 27 and have been ttc for a year and a half. My period began on sept 26(a bit early) I took clomid cd 5-9(which was sept 30-oct 4th). I got a pos opk on cd 17 and 18 (which is sept 12-13). Im not sure if it's the stress of not being able to concieve but my body feels different this month. Well the first odd thing was that i did not have any ovulation cramps (which i always get on the months i ovulate). I began cramping off and on last night and it woke me up a few times. My boobs was also really sore. And my heart seems to be pumping really hard(especially when i'm laying down. I also feel tired alot latey. I had no symptoms while taking the clomid that's what brings me to the assumption that something good must be going on inside me. My doctor told me if i have any symptoms from the meds it would go away when i was done taking them. im hoping for the best but trying to prepare myself for the worst. But i wish you all the best of luck-hoping for a miracle!!!



  • n idk if its the medicine but my appetite has completly gone down....

  • Hi im currently 12dpo on my second cycle of 50mg clomid, I have had no symptoms at all either. My bloods from my first cycle was only 20 and this cycle they were 28 which is better but they like them to be 30 or more. Will you be having follicle tracking scans or anything?

    I had them for my first cycle but the cost of them is quite high so managed to get them to let me do a cycle on my own, so started temping etc too and I ovulated cd 19 maybe 20, they are letting me do the next cycle on my own too as my bloods were higher.

    Fingers crossed for you xxx

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  • No i'm just giving it a try with just the meds....i'm trying to be hopeful with this tww but anything i feel is a downer make me feel like i'm jut getting closer to af....but i'm not counting myself out yet.

    And hopefully we get our bfp!!!!imageimage

  • Hi, I had cloud last year. I ovulated on the first round but not on the second then fell pregnant with the third round & now have a beautiful baby girl who is 9&half months old. The reason for my post is to share that it does work and there are happy endings!! I didn't suffer with any symptoms while on it & didn't think I was pregnant when I was so keep hoping and you will get there. I also had reflexology each month during the process to try and increase my chances. I wish you all the luck in the world x

  • Rachel, Thank you and congragulations!

    Natasha4, how's everything going?

  • Hi hopingfor number1, im currently on cd4 and night 3 of clomid still no side affects so glad about that. Phoned fertility clinic today to see about next prescription of clomid and was told she would call me back but nothing yet so maybe she has to speak to my consultant first. I'm hoping they will up it to 100mg as im just under on the bloods results.

    I started temping last mth (2nd clomid cycle) to help me see if and when I did ovulate, so glad I did as it helped me with getting my 7dpo right for my blood test.

    What dpo are you on now, did you get many side affects whilst taking it, wishing you lots of luck xxx

  • I'm actually a little late but i'm not sure if its due to the clomid because i have yet to get my bfp.  I'm on cd 31 and i'm usually 26-28 days.  My side effects were just hotflashes at night and my appetite seemed to decrease right after ovulation but its back now.  Also, i had slight cramps from 2 dpo for about a week.  Did the med make your period last longer than usual? 

  • Hi, clomid has actually helped me as I only used to have about 4-5 periods a year yet my last 2 cycles on clomid have been about 32 days.

    Hows it going, did you have a blood test at 7dpo to see if you ovulated or not. Fingers crossed you don't need to and get that bfp xxx
  • I also just finished my first round of clomid 50mg, going to the fertility clinic this saturday morning (day 10) for monitoring.   Let's hope it works. 


    PCOS, TTC for 1.5yrs. 

  • hope all goes ok at your scan tomorrow suzy image xxx

  • Thanks Natasha4.  I am now at 7 DPO.  I feel no different.  No symptoms which is worrying me...but I have to try to stop.  Not everybody is the same.  As bad as I want  a BFP, I need to try and stay calm, as I don't want to start obsessing over it (I think it's too late not to obsess now, LOL)  This 2WW is killing me.   

    Where are you at in your cycle currently?

  • Hi SUZY Im currently 10dpo, my bloods this mth were 42 so loads better than my last 2 cycles. I've spoken with fertility clinic and were going to up me to 100mg for next cycles. Got to have tracking scans for the first cycle to make sure i dont over stimulate and if all is good i can carry on with just 7dpo bloods.

    I feel a little different to last mth, i have tender boobs that i never ever get but that could be because my progesterone levels are higher this mth, also had night sweats a few times. I did a test this morning and got a bfn.

    I know what you mean about obsessing i started temping last cycle and am always comparing my temps for this mth to last mth.

    Fingers crossed for you xxx

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  • Hey Natasha!  I'm 12 DPO today, and nothing but sore boobs too...I normally get that though before AF.  I have not POAS thus far, I've been trying to hold tight.  I am planning on testing we'll seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........I'm feeling a little negative, as I don't feel much different.  I'm a little tired...but I'm not sure if it's the weather - or BFP. 

    I'm praying for a BFP tomorrow...and also going into the clinic for a confirmed blood test - whether it's negative or positive on the stick..

  • Ooooh good luck for tomorrow suzy I have my fingers crossed

    I started spotting today so will be starting 100mg clomid on friday, had no side effects on 50mg so just hoping I don't on 100mg either

    Please let me know how you get on xxx
  • Thanks Natasha!  I had crazy hot flushes with the we'll see what my next step will be if this is a BFN.  I'm hoping it will be a BFP.  Will update you guys as soon as I know image


    I'm going to keep my fingers crossed!

  • Hi Suzy, how's it going, have you tested yet?

    I start 100mg clomid tonight so just hoping I get no side effects like withthe 550mg

  • Its not letting me edit on my phone but I ment 50mg not 550mg lol stupid advert was across the box so couldn't see what I was writing.

  • Hello ladies,

    Do you mind if I join you?

    I have been ttc for a while and joy image so I made a complaint to my GP and managed to get a referral yesterday, however I have been told that the waiting lists are long and it will take approximately 6 months to be seen by the fertility clinic. I don't want to wait ages - I know I am very impatient but cannot help it! My partner used to do weights a long time ago and knows of clomid because weightlifters take it to balance their hormones after steroids. So I decided that I might order some on-line and take matters into my own hands.

    When you started clomid what dose were you given to start with? Do you only take it for 5 days and then wait for ovulation?

    Thank you



  • Hi sweetjudy, im just getting ready to go to work now but will reply later on tonight, didn't want you to think no one was going to reply xxx
  • Thank you Natasha image xxx

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