Low sperm count success stories

OH has (at the last count) a count of around 4million.

This has doubled since the previous test and only difference is he was taking multivitamins.

He is now taking Wellman, and we are basically looking for some success stories of natural conceptions from low counts to boost our confidence. We are trying to hold of IVF the best we can for now. 

Many input would be so appreciated image 



  • Hi Dizmo; I don't have a success story for you from us but we're in the same boat so I wanted to pop along and say hi. That's really good that the count has doubled - are there any other change he could make to further things along? My OH had 7mil and has just had a repeat SA and we're (hopefully) getting the results tomorrow so we would love a double improvement!

    Have you had a HyCoSy or an HSG yet?

  • Hi Tayto, 

    Sorry to hear you're in the same boat, but lovely to have someone to talk to!

    I will keep my fingers crossed for an improved result for you both!

    How long have you been ttc?

    Not sure what else we can do, we didn't find our Consultant all that helpful or compassionate to be honest. Basically said we would need to go through IVF with ICSI but can try some supplements in the mean time - and since his results came back better after just basic multi-vitamins he's swapped to the wellman.

    The nurse was pretty much saying it will be impossible to naturally conceive because of how low his count was but like I say OH's last two results were 2million then 1million and now 4million, so I remain hopeful!

    i have had an AMH and Progestrone test done, plus a baseline scan which have all come back fine.

    When we last spoke with them they said they didn't require any more tests done on either of us which I found strange as the paperwork they gave us mentioned doing an HSG.

    How about yourself?

  • Hi Dizmo,

    We've been TTC'ing about 14 months now - actually, we've just entered our 15th month. What about you guys? 

    Our consultant wasn't terribly inclined to refer me for a HyCoSy but I pushed for it and got it within a month of our first appointment.

    We did get told for H to do more exercise, less drink and more veg so I'm hoping they may help.

    I am surprised that they are already talking about IVF & ICSI - there's a lot of research out there to suggest that a HyCoSy or HSG could help a couple with low sperm count get pregnant naturally. Do you think you could go back to the cons and request it? The doc that did the HyCosy on me did say he agreed that it can help fertility. 

    They haven't ever suggested ICSI to us though - just IVF if nothing after 2 years.

  • It has been a while then Tayto. We have been trying a couple of years now, try not to think about it ????

    I have to say I hadn't really heard much about HyCoSy until you said, I've had a little read up on it. It certainly won't hurt to mention it, seems if you kick up a fuss they seem to get their act together.

    Perhaps your OH's sperm is ok enough to not require ICSI? - that has to be a good thing! ???? ???? 

    Did you get good news with the latest results today??

  • Sorry MrsBa - meant to get back to this sooner! How long have you been ttc? Usually, they suggest going for help after the one year mark - I can't imagine waiting a few years!

    Definitely mention the HyCoSy - it can be painful but it could be worth it...

    No results yet from H's SA.I believe once the count is ok and forms etc are all fine, they don't do ICSI unless something goes wrong with the sample provided at the point of treatment, i.e. bacteria in the sample or something - hence my surprise that they are already mentioning it to you?

    How're you getting on now?

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  • Hey. I'm in the same boat as you guys. Dh has low count,  motility and morphology. He had varicocele surgery in november which the doctors said have a 50/50 shot at working. It's been 4 months now and still nothing. We've been ttc for over 2 years now. I haven't had an hsg either. It was never mentioned. Does that help? 

  • Amoeba a HSG is certainly a common feature in groups like this. Apparently they aren't pleasant,but clear out any minor blockages in your tubes. Quite a few women seem to fall pregnant the next month,presumably because everything is clear for the spermies to make their way through. I'll be requesting one when we eventually get through to the fertility appointment even though the issue is our case appears to be DH. 

    I hope both the OPs of this post have managed to conceive now 😄

  • Oh. Its the same with us too. I'm clear for now. Then I guess ill request an hsg too. If we can get a baby out of it little discomfort is fine eh? image

    I hope the original posters have gotten their miracle babies too. Would really help hearing success stories xx

  • Maybe you'd like a male perspective? Sorry, I know this is predominantly a female forum but I've been reading stuff here and found it useful as my partner is pregnant. 

    To cut a long story short, I am 40 years old and when I was 35ish I tried for a year with my ex with no joy. I had all the tests, e.g. from 2011:

    Total count 14m
    Motility 45%
    Normal forms 1%

    I was told it would be very difficult to have a successful natural conception. The pressure and constant disappointment got to my wife and we ended up separating a year later.

    With my new partner and once it was agreed we should 'try' it literally took about 2 months and I was as surprised as her to see the positive test. I honestly thought it would never happen, particularly as I didn't go over the top on the healthy lifestyle.

    So all I can say is, miracles do happen! Stay positive and I am a firm believer that stress has a huge impact on fertility. 

  • Thanks leoj. Stories like that makes me very hopeful. It's good to hear a guy's perspective of things :)

  • Dh had 7 mil count, 0% grade A motility and 30% grade B motility,  3% morphology. This was 5 months ago before his surgery. Not sure what the current stats are. Hoping it improved enough for a natural pregnancy. 

  • I wish you luck. I've heard of stories of natural pregnancies occurring where couples have completed unsuccessful ivf or been written off so you just never know.

    I did take a load of vitamins and supplements which may have had some affect, who knows. I researched a lot and bought the individual vitamins rather than something like wellman which is 1 tablet with everything in. I'm sure the wellman stuff is just as good though, if a little expensive. 

  • Oh, and if you haven't already, you may want to read up on clomid for men.

  • I lost this post, I'm so sorry. 

    How have you ladies got on since last year? I hope the baby dust has been spread far and wide!!

  • My DH and I have been TTC for 10 years with no luck. We have both been tested and my DH test showed low sperm count and low motility. We have been saving money to start treatments in early April of this year. Well..... Jan 14th we found out we are expecting our 1st blessing in Sep. We conceived naturally and unsure what changed as we did not change anything about our lifestyle. A true Miracle is all I can say. 

    I hope this gives someone some hope  Never give up  

  • Hi there i wish to share my story with you.first of all i want to tell you that when they tell you that you cant conceive naturally thats bullshit!we were ttc for 1yr 4months with no sucess.i tought that the only reason we never conceiving was because of me because i had pcos and last month we decided to check his sperm and he had only 250,000 only a quarter of a million!! And the gynae told us that we can only conceive with ivf!and i booked for ivf.then he decided that in the meantime he will start taking hcg injection and proviron 3 times daily..and guess what?? Im pregnant after a month of treatment!! Im 4 weeks 4 days pregnant.you can even take fertilisan m for sperm can..they give you a boost also.goodluck :)

  • Christy thanks for your story (well thanks everyone, it's good to read!) But Christy, your partner's numbers are very similar to mine and we have basically been told there is no way we will ever conceive naturally, unless we get a miracle! How did your partner get hcg shots and how do they help? Also, what is proviron?

    First SA we actually messed up by only abstaining a day rather than 3-4  but stupidly figured that he would have no problems so it wouldn't matter. That test came back with a note "too few sperm seen to count" Second time we abstained for 4 days and that came back with 0.1 million per ml, total count 0.4 million. Not the best 😣Then we have to factor in that I have pcos and don't ovulate and also potentially have a blocked tube too (they couldn't be sure on the hsg).

    Anyway. I have a clomid prescription now so I ovulate, just gotta hope H has a rogue good swimmer in there somewhere!! I am not hopeful thlugh and we are saving up for IVF.

  • Hi miraclesrequired 

    Pls dont loose hope..it will happen believe me :) you only need one sperm .my gynae alson told me that we cant conceive naturally but i coceived 1 month after treatment.the hcg and the proviron makes miracles!!even my friends partner had the same problem and they conceived too within a month of treatment.i dont know exactly how they work my husband knows but they work for sure!goodluck hun xxx

  • Hey MrsBa

    My husband thankfully has healthy normal sperm but I have researched everything under the sun to help us TTC this year. Here are some things I found that aid sperm health and mobility:

    ~ loose boxers / no tight pants

    ~ Drink pomegranate juice

    ~ Eat handful of walnuts and cashews a day

    ~ Lentils

    ~ stop smoking (if a smoker or cut back)

    Hope these help :)


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