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Dream last night

:cry: Last night I had a dream that I went for a scan at hospital 3 weeks after my mc and they found a baby in my uterus alive and well and growing perfectly :cry:

It's made me feel so sad today.


  • oh NN, bigs hugs for you xxx
  • Thank you emmyem - hugs are much appreciated!

    Take care, NN xx
  • any time, i was built for comfort, not for speed xx
  • any time, i was built for comfort, not for speed xx

    must remember that one thats very good!! xx
  • Bless your little heart its really tough i know, & i know only too well how your mind plays tricks. I remember before i knew it was ectopic & still getting stronger bfp's i had myself thinking i'd been pg with twins & just lost one (this happend to my sisters SIL just weeks before that, (baby still doing fine finger crossed all will be well) then told ectopic was gutted.

    Life is shit right now for you , but you're a tough cookie my love you will get through this. xxx


  • Thats so sad........

    Dreams really can be heartbreaking......

    Somehow it will get better xxx
  • Oh NN :cry: Dont be too sad.

    It's hard esp when dream's creep in to real life, we've all had moments when we've convienced ourselves they must have got it wrong. So sad, and makes you feel even worse, like your trying to kid yourself.

    This week in the doc's he asked if i could be preg, and even thou there's 100% no chance for the briefest second i thought, "ohh maybe i am"!!

    and several times during all my treatments for ectopic, i still poas, i knew i was getting false postives from my hgc levels...How bizzare and sad...i guess at the time i was trying to reassure myself that i hadn't made the whole thing up!

    If anyone is reading this that feel's they are going crazy, dont worry, it does pass, you are not mad, just very sad at the moment....

    your okay... honest!

    Gem x

  • Thank you all ladies. It's so nice to be able to come here and be honest and to know I'm not alone in all this - sometimes it does feel like you're going crazy!

    Love and hugs, NN xx
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