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l had a scan after seven months of my miscarriage

The result of the test said l have
ENDMERTRIUM There is small posterior sub mucus fibroid at the uterine body level size1.0 1.0

Rt.fallopian tube -No turbulence of fluid air seen

Lt.Fallopian tube- No turbulence of fluid air seen

Impression. Non patent fallopian tubes
Poorly stimulated endometrium
: Intracavity synechiaes
please is there any treatment for this and explain all this in details.


  • Sorry Merit77 - I have no idea what most of it means but non patent usually means not open and endometrium is womb lining so if poorly stimulated it could mean that it isn't very thick. I suggest you ask GP for detailed explanation and then you can also ask what treatment you need (hopefully none) x
  • Hi
    My friend had endemetriosis (prob spelled it wrong), she'd been TTC with no luck so had tests done. I'm not sure if its the same thing as you. My friend was put on tablets & 3mths later she was preg & now has a 1mth old little girl.
    LIke Camlo said go to the Drs & get them to explain things to you.
    Good Luck
    Helen x x
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