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panicing mess

i have been trying to avoid this forum and stay really positive throughout this pregnancy so i am sorry if i have been no help at all.

I had a heavy bleed on monday and was a mess, went to the hospital and had a scan and little bean was bouncing around and totally happy - we came out of the hospital and i would normally go and see my angels in their garden at the back of the maternity unit bt said to hubby that i really couldnt cope with that at the moment. I felt guilty all the way home but relieved that everything was ok.

yesterday i woke up and felt abit odd, boobs didnt hurt as much, didnt feel as sick and tried to put this to the back of my mind.

today i am panicing, my boobs dont hurt at all i have no symptons and i am a horrible mess.

i am 10.5 weeks and think its all over - not sure i can actually cope anymore


  • Hi Summer
    Didn;t want to r and r, can understand why you are panicking must be really stressful, can you ring the hospital again even if its to talk through your concerns? - sounds very positive from Monday though and I will keep everything crossed for you,
  • i have left a message for my midwife - so just waiting for a call.

    i have never wanted to be sick so much!
  • Summer, symtoms going at 10 ish weeks is pretty normal and the fact that you saw your baby on Monday is great, however that doesn't help with the way you feel. Can you ring your midwife and be really honest and say you feel desperate with worry and can she try and listen to the heartbeat for you?
  • Hi Summer,
    Hope when you spek to your midwife she can put your mind at rest. My best advice to you is to be completely honest with her and tell her your true feeling and how worried you are about lack of symptons and I am aure she will come up with something to ease your stress. But I would try and hold onto the positive that your saw your baby on monday bouncing away happily. But I really think you need reassurance so push for the midwife to listen for a heartbeat.
    Keep positive and thinking of you.

    Leigh-Anne x
  • thanks ladies - i fel a little calmer now. I think i am just preparing myself for the worst. If it happens again i really dont think i will beable to cope.

    i might not post much on here but i think about you all especially when i go to the angel garden x
  • Hi Summer,

    I havent spoken to you before and i dont know your background but it sounds like you have been through alot and i didnt want to read and run and just wanted to say im sorry for what you are going through and i hope your midwife can put your mind at rest a little.

    Hopefully the fact you saw your little bean is a good thing....i will keep my fingers crossed for you. Try and stay positive for your little beans sake....

  • Dear Summer

    Firstly I am sending you loads of ((((((((hugs))))))))

    You have been so brave and positive since you got your last BFP, but you are bound to have days when you worry and get paranoid after all you've been through before.

    I'm so sorry you had such a scare with the bleed. Try to hold onto the fact that you saw your little bean just a few days ago and everything was absolutely fine. And it's possible that it's just your symptoms easing off as you're now over 10 weeks and I remember reading that's when hormones start levelling out and your sytmptoms start to settle some.

    I have my fingers so tightly crossed for you that all is ok - you really don't deserve any more pain.

    Don't worry that you don't post in here much (we all completely understand!) but know that we are all here if you need to talk about anything.

    You're in my thoughts and I'm sending lots of good wishes to you and your baby.

    Lots of love, NN xxx

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  • Hi Summer,
    I am sorry you are having to go through this. I remember all to well the panic. I really hope the MW is understanding and gives you the support you need.
    Let us know how you get on.
    Lilou x
  • Hi summer
    I just wish you all the best & totally understand your reluctance to posting on this forum,it took me 2 weeks after my loss to do so. I can understand your fears as i felt exactly as you do. mines wasnt a positive ending but im sure yours will be so please try & stay positve hun.
    Thinkng of you
    Annette xx

  • just thought i would let you know that the scan today went well. 38.5mm.

    If we have another blled they are going to have a closer look at my cervix. Than kyou for your support as always.

    Sarah x x
  • Hi Sarah

    I am SO happy that the scan went well for you! image

    I really hope you have no more scares like this and can soon relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

    Love NN xxx

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  • Hi Summer,
    That's briliant news - wishing you all the best for the rest of your pg.
  • Hi Summer....

    Thats great that the scan went well....

    Your little bean is a fighter...i hope all goes well the rest of your pregnancy with no more scares...

  • Hi Sarah

    I am so happy for you that all went well at the scan, what a relief for you. Hope you can relax a little now and just enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

    Leigh-Anne x
  • hi sarah
    just wanted to say how happy i was to hear that your scan went well. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly

  • Im so pleased the scan went well...thats fab news. Hoping you have no more scares and you can enjoy (as much as possible) the rest of your pregnancy! xxx
  • Hi
    so glad to hear the scan went well, I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly
    bye for now
  • Hi summer,
    Oh I am so pleased for you! That is great news.
    All the best for your remaining months
    Lilou x
  • Thats great, you must be so relieved. Hoping things calm down a bit for you now.
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