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Hi girls. I am very frightened and confused.

Went for dating scan today and found out that i am not 10 weeks as i thought. I am either 5 and a half or i have had a mmc. Sac is all that is visible. Have to go back in a week as it cant be decided until we see if baby grows anymore.

Not sure what to think, still have symptoms, e.g sore boobs, peeing a lot, feeling a little sick when cooking but not sure if i would even if i had mmc, because only got positive result last week. they also found 2 cysts, one in my cervix which is normal seemingly and a larger one on my right ovary( which looks like it has bled!) not sure what that all means but she said doctor would monitor it.

I too am a teacher like some of you and have to go back into teaching tommorrow(Scotland) as we have been back 3 weeks. Not sure i can cope with that yet but dont have any choice. Hope you are all as well as can be and my thoughts are with you all.
luv jellybaby xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Did you say you only tested last week? Or did you get a pos test before that too?
  • no only got result back from docotr last week. Had a light two day bleed the month before but thought it was af. Doctor thought it was implantation bleeding so waited till i missed another af before testing. Did not think i could be pg from last months i dont think i ovulated and hardly did it as a result. plus by that date the scan is still a week out, should be nearer 6 and half so not sure what to think.
  • Hi Jellybaby,
    Sorry your having to go through this, the waiting part is horrible.

    I know sometimes if your too early they cant see the baby & if you go back in a wk or 2 it will be there.
    I'v been told next time I'm preg I can go for a scan at 7-8wks so that must be when they can see better.

    Good luck I hope it is just too early.
    Take Care
    Love Helen x x
  • Hi Jelly baby,
    Waiting is so hard and this will be on your mind 24/7 good luck for when u go back let us know how it goes and hopeully u will see a little heartbeat.
    sending you loads of love and luck
    and baby dust
    pennyx x
  • hi jellybaby waiting is so hard and a week seems like a year, it could be that you are nearer 6.5 weeks but the scan saying 5.5 would be right because they can be up to 7 days out in the early stages, after my mc i wanted a scan as soon as i had pos test but i was told to hold out till as near 8 weeks as poss as its difficult to see much before then. Fingers crossed for you and hugs coming your way

    Hayley x
  • hiya i know a week is a long time for you to wait. When was you pos test? I was in a similar issue last oct when i went for my scan, when i went back for another scan a week later there was a heart beat, so my dates was wrong. Good luck x x x
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